LOGIC: Workaround until we get MIDI clips and VSTi's in LIVE

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LOGIC: Workaround until we get MIDI clips and VSTi's in LIVE

Post by Guest » Sun Mar 23, 2003 4:30 am

Hi Y'all

I've been experimenting with using "Touch Tracks" in Logic while running Live on the same computer. Its a crude but useable workaround if you want to...

A: send MIDI sequences to external equipment.

B: run MIDI sequences that play on VSTi's.

Say you want to run a VSTi sequence along with Live. (lets say an MDA Piano) Please forgive the long-winded instructions here, I've found that even a lot of die-hard Logic users aren't that familliar with Touch Tracks, just skip the bits you know....

1. Assign the MDA Piano to an audio instrument track in Logic.

2. Sequence the part.

3. Create a Touch Tracks object in the environment and tick it's "icon" box so that it shows up in the track instrument list.

4. Open an arrange page AND an environment page in the same screenset. In the environment page, double-click the Touch Tracks object. The Touch Tracks window should now open - it has a MIDI keyboard graphic down the left hand side. (At this point you can close the environment window and just keep the arrange and touch tracks windows open - I like to split the screen half and half vertically with a transport bar along the bottom.)

5. In the arrange page, create a new track and assign it to Touch Tracks from the instrument list. (It might be in a sub-menu such as MIDI Effects)
From here on in, keep the TT track selected in the arrange page. ie "listening" to incoming MIDI

6. Drag your MDA Piano sequence onto a key in the TT window. A la Live, there are options for "play on next 16th", "play on next bar" etc. I use "play on next bar". If you are using multiple MIDI sequences, you can assign them to groups so that each new sequence cuts of the currently playing sequence. Consult your Logic manual or online help for more info on TT triggering options.

7. Boot Live. It should open in Rewire slave mode as you already have Logic (the Rewire master) open.

8. Make sure Live's audio outputs are playing "thru" the Logic audio mixer.

9. Assign MIDI keys to Live clips and scenes in the usual way. When you want to trigger the MDA Piano along with a clip or scene, just give that clip or scene the same note you dragged the sequence to in Logic. and Voila!
I have been using a "one MIDI sequence-one Live scene" scheme and it works quite well.

NB: The sequencer clock must be already running to use Touch Tracks - this means you have to fire a clip in Live (or hit play) to start the system clock running before you can fire the Touch Track.

To sequence external MIDI gear, drag a normal Logic MIDI sequence onto the Touch Tracks page.

Once again, apologies for these rather long winded instructions. I know its quite a complex process, but as I haven't seen it mentioned before on the forum I thought it could be of help to anyone (like me!) desperate to get MIDI sequencing happening in Live.

To the Abletons, please pretty please in an upcoming version of Live would it be possible to see a Standard MIDI File in the browser and drop it onto a slot. You wouldn't have to change Live's apparent functionality and ease-of-use or the way the GUI works. I'd be perfectly happy with no MIDI editing if it made it easier to implement.

Kind Regards


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