live loop recording (again)

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live loop recording (again)

Post by twynog » Sun Mar 23, 2003 8:44 pm

It seems from the replies to my previous topic that it really isn't going to be possible, despite its name, to use Live as a live looping device.

However, I haven't quite given up yet. I have learnt how to assign a key to a clip you are about to record, press the key at the required place, and then press the key again when you reach the end point of the loop.

However, although the wave form appears, and looks as if it is playing, the only way I can get it to sound is by adjusting the amplitude of the wave. It then plays, but not in sync.

What is needed is a single key press (foot pedal press) to stop recording and begin replay, in sync and quantised, with the other clips you are playing along to.


Post by Guest » Sun Mar 23, 2003 10:30 pm

twynog, I think you may have a buggy system... or something.

The manual explains how to get all this running.

LIVE should be playing back that clip, quantized (which depends on your deault quantization set in preferences, and/or the quantization level at the top of the LIVE screen, as soon as you hit the clip trigger key again.
Also, make sure your latency settings are correct.

Have a look throught the manual, it explains it all pretty clearly.
If it still not work, post again and we'll help.

-Keith (songcarver)

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