converting wav. to macintosh format

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Cra2y L3Gs

converting wav. to macintosh format

Post by Cra2y L3Gs » Fri Mar 28, 2003 7:55 am


i've been looking at getting a laptop for months now and i haven't been able to decide

right now i'm pc based, however i've been looking at powerbooks lately and i'm interested.....
downside is, like i said i'm already pc based which means i'd have to rebuy all of my software and plug-ins
....or i could just buy one program to record with on the mac for my mobile project studio, and just transfer all the info to my pc

so my question is, can you do this, can you transfer sound files from the macintosh platform over to windows?

or i suppose another question is (since i'm not certain) can you use a program for your pc on your mac?

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Post by pixelmechanic » Fri Mar 28, 2003 1:25 pm


I use Bias Peak for my conversions when required, but there are plenty other tools out there too.

You'll find that most mac music software will quite happily read .wavs anyway.

You can run windows programs on macs using Connectix Virtual PC (just been bought by M$oft)

If they are realtime audio intensive, I've found it can be glitchy (certainly my cheap seats Traktor barely plays back), but the freebie tool GoldWave works fine when number crunching conversions)

Then again, my humble g4 450 is starting to look steampowered compared to more recent mac offerings.

Hope this helps...
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