keyboard trigger problems

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keyboard trigger problems

Post by phreaki » Sat Mar 29, 2003 8:34 am


Seem to be having a problem trying to get Live to read my midi controller. Been trying to setup some keyboard triggers for the loops. Not a newbie with this, but not the most advanced either.

PowerBook G3 333
Live 1.5.2
US-428 ( for controller surface)
Roland A-37
OS 9

Have had no issues with teh Roland or anything under other apps.
I do have the US-428 in Four Control Banks mode as I have done some midi mapping for over all control of Live. Now just trying to use my Roland to trigger the loops, but seems not to be reading it. I have the Control Port for MIDI in and out. And checked several times to make sure that the Roland and the Tascam are connected properly.

suggestions? tips?


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