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Post by henry ford » Fri Jan 27, 2006 4:46 pm

djadonis206 wrote:
henry ford wrote:
dont you know what the topic of this thread is? by all means, feel free to start a new thread entitled 'anyone going to WMC/M??' and have your discussion there. Why some people wish to change the topic of a single thread is beyond me.
FYI - there's other political forums to discuss this kind of stuff


If there's only 2 people debating why don' they use Private messages?

How arrogant to think people actually care about YOUR political views, or how well you can search google, copy and paste - onto this forum

henry ford wrote:(unless you thought 9/11 refers to a time signature, which wouldnt surprise me)
what would surprise me is some kind of music from you - do you even make music or are you just some troll who got a cracked program from his troll friend? Oh wait you can't make music because "Live 5 is not satisfactory"
henry ford wrote:yes i sit down, and post on this thread. but i promise to disappear when live5 is satisfactory.
FYI the program works fine, why are you still here?


heh, you fucking retard. Please start at the beginning of this thread, I've pasted -two- guardian articles, one by request; and I've defined the words 'objective' 'morality' and 'emotion' for the benefit of deadlykungfu, who seems to think objective morality is the same as inanimate objects having thoughts. and that is the extent of my cut-and-pasting. I, like you, am not keen on a 'cut-and-paste' battle. As for political forums, once again - fuck you. This is one single thread with a very informative subject, you are not obliged to either read it or post in it, you are the arrogant one suggesting people stop discussing what they wish to discuss within the confines of a single measly thread. As for my live5 status, if you even read any of my posts you'll have surely noticed that I have indeed paid for live5, seven months ago. ...... some bidule pieces, and one live5 piece. Its mostly soundscape, a harsh rhythym is the closest thing to music that you will find on one of the tracks, I started using live to mix reggae. and no, the program doesnt work fine - you stupid fool. are you completely blind to the obvious dissent thats been present on this forum for seven months and counting ? and its not going away. have a gawk at the bugs and problems forum too. or is everyone who experiences a problem some troll with a cracked copy ? If my copy was cracked, I wouldnt be so pissed off. obviously.

you are quite possibly the most annoying sloth I've ever had to endure, and you're a 30 yr old man.
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henry ford
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FireForEffect wrote:"the US army has developed over time a singular focus on conventional warfare, of a particularly swift and violent kind".

Oh the horror! What a bunch of meanies our military is! oh boo hoo...
heh, you bafoon. The point is your military is useless at counter-insurgency. It was useless in vietnam, and useless now. Your attitude comes as no surprise. Do you use a shotgun to swat the flies in your trailer ? Probably not, but its OK to swat flies with big bombs so long as its not in your back yard. Your soldiers are fools, I met plenty of them in amsterdam when I worked in the grasshopper. A popular stop-over for the GI's, they are like a parody of themselves. Thinking they're fighting the good fight, then buying some afghani hash with a gold seal on it reading 'freedom for afghanistan' and not understanding the irony. Completely moronic, 'god bless america' idiots. The thought has never occured to them perhaps the good-fight should be on american soil, for another civil war. Of course they're in it for the paycheck anyways, so theres no point trying to even explain that to them. I've even served some vietnam vets, boy...are they a tin-of-piss. Cant handle their weed and refuse to let you help them out into the fresh air (they prefer to pass out and convulse on the table and scare everyone with their 'i was in vietnam' bullshit.....'sir, lets just go outside and get some fresh air, you'll feel better than' .. 'i was in vietnam' ....and on and on)

honestly, american GI's are verging on the spasticated.

dance a yard before you dance abroad.
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Post by djshiva » Fri Jan 27, 2006 5:02 pm

<----anarchist scared-of-America-even-tho-it's-my-own-country not exactly athiest wanker

there is a difference between hating a country and hating its government. i think some people could stand to recognize that difference.

and i wanted to comment on those who think we should stop talking politics and start talking about live. well that's lovely. so i should stick my head in the sand, shut up and play my little computer box. maybe in some circles, apathy makes good music, but not in mine.

i am ten times more interested in talking about what's going on in the world around me, than i am about discussing frickin' software. live is great, yada yada blah blah how do you warp tracks blah blah the world is blowing up around me? oh who cares, let's talk about soundcards and vsts. i'll pass thanks. that stays interesting for all of .327 seconds really. if i have a question about live, i ask it, and then i am done.
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Post by djadonis206 » Fri Jan 27, 2006 5:03 pm

henry ford wrote: - you stupid fool. are you completely blind to the obvious dissent thats been present on this forum for seven months and counting ? have a gawk at the bugs and problems forum too. or is everyone who experiences a problem some troll with a cracked copy ? If my copy was cracked, I wouldnt be so pissed off. obviously.

you are quite possibly the most annoying sloth I've ever had to endure, and you're a 30 yr old man.
Well that's 2 bad - why do you feel so threatened there Henry...what is it you see in me that makes you feel so bad...are you scared of something

You're the one who calls people names and bitches and whines your program doesn't work like a litlle baby - I can see why you only have 5 friends on you myspace page

It doesn't work I can't do anything so I'm going to call people names - waaa waaa waa!

is that how you go through life there Henry, you say fuck the world it doesn't work and call everyone in it a retard

you feel obligated to let the world know how shitty it is and how smart you are

Maybe you should send your 5 friends a bulletin about how cool you are I'm sure they think so - or are you lonely? Alone again in front of his computer (that doesn't work) :(

cry me a river

I'm still trying to figure out what is so screwed up with the program I'm using it now - hmmmm weird it works

Dude, get a life - go outside - meet somebody and share with them your problems with the world, your program and people

sad kinda

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henry ford
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Post by henry ford » Fri Jan 27, 2006 5:11 pm

ha...same old shit coming from your fingers adonis. If your not aspousing vinyl eliteism , you're quoting cartman. Didnt deadlykungfu accuse me of creating some kind of internet persona on this thread ? didnt I tell him the extent of my internet existance is to host 4 mp3s on myspace, and post on this forum until live5 is satisfactory ? shouldnt that coincide with the fact I only have five friends on myspace ? 4 of which are unsolicited. But I suppose I should repeat it for you, because you cant absorb information until its repeated ad-nausem.

do I feel threatend by your age? Nope. I just find it offensive that someone your age can so closely resemble a sloth in all but typing skills. Your attitude towards everything offends me, your apathy towards whats going on in the world, and the things that concern you....are all -extremely- pathetic for a man of your age. and to add to that, you tell people to stop talking about it. You just rub me up the wrong way, and epitomise the type of fat,lazy&stupid stereotype thats applied to the people of the USA from abroad. abroad, thats a place that has to deal with US foreign policy while cabbages like you play videogames and tell people to stop talking about socio-politcal topics (within the confines of a single thread).

how sad it is of you to imply I'm somehow a sad lonely person for only having 5 contacts on myspace......I'll leave it for someone else to point out the irony in that statement.

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Post by djadonis206 » Fri Jan 27, 2006 5:54 pm

You read to deep into shit - I said you're just a sad person

you could have 1 million friends, what's sad is your cry baby, fuck the world, i'm the high mighty attitude

everythings wrong with the world except me

I'm not here to threaten you, but something must threaten you because you have to attack people otherwise you'd just be...

I don't front and pretend to act like I know something about everything

I know what's in front of me, when I look out the window and when I walk downtown.

I vote, pay taxes, walk my dogs and enjoy techno music - I like to enjoy the company of friends and time with my fiance - lifes good

I hope lifes good for you...something tells me it's not

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Post by ethios4 » Fri Jan 27, 2006 6:42 pm

FireForEffect wrote:I don't think we are going to run out of oil..just a hunch. What is your take on this intersting article? ... alysis.htm
We won't run out of oil, but it will be come much much much more expensive when we have to start extracting it out of tar pits and shale. That the days of cheap oil are almost over is now commonly accepted in the petroleum industry. The real question is when, and even the most conservative estimates don't give us more than 100 years of cheap oil.

The problem with hydrogen and most other alternative fuel sources is that it takes more energy to produce them than you get out of them, so the net energy from these sources is negative.

It will be interesting to see how the information in that article pans out.

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Post by computo » Fri Jan 27, 2006 11:34 pm

Peak Oil is a scam....


(going, going....)

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Post by DeadlyKungFu » Fri Jan 27, 2006 11:45 pm

Do you think Meef Chaloin could rename this thread "[OT] Trolls post here"?

It's such a drag to be constantly reminded of 9/11.

...and who the hell is 'none' and why isn't he moderating?

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Post by FireForEffect » Sat Jan 28, 2006 12:10 am

Henry, your knowledge of all things military is awe inspiring, really know your stuff.


I should bitch slap your pussy ass for your comments about the US military. In it for the paycheck? Damn you are PATHETIC. You don't deserve to clean a Vietnam vets dirty jock you little squib.

Do you by chance wear a computer monitor over your head?
“Let's get down to brass tacks. How much for the ape?”
-Raoul Duke

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Post by computo » Sat Jan 28, 2006 12:13 am

I assure you, Henry Ford and I are not remotely related.

I have many family and friends in the military.

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Post by noisetonepause » Sat Jan 28, 2006 1:17 am

Person A relates experiences from real life.
Person B claims Person A's experiences can't be true cos they don't agree with his dogma.

Who to believe, who to believe...
Suit #1: I mean, have you got any insight as to why a bright boy like this would jeopardize the lives of millions?
Suit #2: No, sir, he says he does this sort of thing for fun.

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Post by Nod » Sat Jan 28, 2006 2:51 am

Jordan Vesteyo wrote: Now we are getting some where, tru the Clinton administration, had really put this country in danger.

Hi Jason and thanks for the response. In terms of the US being put in danger by Clinton - by ignoring the very employees of the previous administration I take it? You are aware that Osama Bin Laden, fully paid up member of the CIA free Kidney Club, offered to bring the Mudjahadeen to Kuwait and fight Saddam? But Poppy and King Fahd said no to their favourite terrorist and with the placement of US troops on Saudi soil this set the tone for the future - the US has been repeatedly asked to leave but prefers to continue propping up the leaders of this barbaric fiefdom, good friends of the Bushies, who struck a deal for it's continued defence in exchange for selling it's oil in dollars back in 1974. The same Bush who presented, via a diplomatic intermediary, an Israeli offer of help to Saddam in destroying Iran along with WMD, logistics, satellite intel to use the WMD and a whole glut of 'dual use' equipment. The long term strategy outcome here, involving stupidly bad decisions within the same decaying geneaology no less, appears to be bleak for all concerned. These people couldn't run a bath let alone a country or a war.
Jordan Vesteyo wrote: The terrorist strikes against us throughout the 90's were allowed to go with out retaliation.
Meanwhile those lovely Saudis & the Taliban were invited for a nice, sunny Texan holiday by guess who?
Jordan Vesteyo wrote: Don't even get me started on the 'Cut and run" strategy in Somalia.

Having CNN on the beach as they arrived did somewhat spoil the surprise element I'll agree.
Jordan Vesteyo wrote: Two embassys leveled, the Cole, the first WTC strike. Oh yeah Clinton, levled an asprin factory and lobbed 450 cuise missle in Iraq, but the terrorist threat was allowed to grow-- unchecked.

Because - holy moly o'reilly - AQ weren't in Iraq looking up at 450 sub orbital missiles and anyway I thought you said there was no retaliation :) Is it possible that even ONE journalist in Washington would have the godlike balls to ask Darth Cheney where his evidence, that he said he's seen (and no one else has) linking the former despotic and secular Iraq with the followers of Sayyid Qutb & al-Quaeda? The evidence that he reiterated repeatedly he had seen - nevermind all the constant bylinking or connecting verbally by the Admin? Much like Blair you cannot take a country to war and then simply claim you made a mistake due to the intelligence you asked the security services to cherrypick/make up - many thousands more people have died than the numbers in 9/11 and assuming for one second it is purely incompetence then it's magnitude is indistinguishable from conspiracy. In fact you can read about Darth's friends here: ... 01842.html
Jordan Vesteyo wrote: The infailures before 9/11 were in part to booth admins, at the same time several things in the Clinton adinistration to bolstering the terrorists. in 1995 Jamie Cerliniick (deputy US attorny) crated a 'wall' between the CIA and the FBI, not allowing the right hand to know what the left is doing so to speak. Her appointment allowed her to set policy for the FBI, creating this wall prevented the sharing of information. In 1999 the CIA had formed opeation Able Danger, which had identified 4 of the 9/11 hijackers, the Clinton admistration lawyers actually covered up the faces of 4 of the hijackers. Couldn't touch them due to the fact they were here legally. Now before the 9/11 hearings (which Jamie Gorelick sat on the panel), talk about a fox in the henhouse, Sandy Berger was admittedly stealing documents out of the National Archives, even stuffing down his pants. What was it stealing and what did it say, who is really at blam. Oh and Muhommed Atta, his lovely story, 1993 the Clinton administation had pressured Isreal to releases a number of detainees from jail, Isreal refused to release any that had blood on their hands, Clinton pressured them to release ALL of them, ...... Including Muhammed Atta. Madeline Albright...... of course Clinton Administration.

Thanks Jason - didn't know some of that and will look into it. Pardon my ignorance but has anything more ever been publically made of the suggestion that some of the hijackers were still alive? What's the domestic coverage like of potential conspiracies or is it simply taboo for the major networks? If certain figures were identified & investigated why were the results dropped and specifically on whose orders? Why did Bush order that the Bin Laden family be released without any questioning? Further in the weeks before the United States invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban twice offered to turn over Bin Laden to a neutral country for trial if the United States would provide evidence of Bin Laden's complicity in the attacks why was none presented?
Jordan Vesteyo wrote: Do Americans realisticly believe that terrorists will strike small towns... no. But the real possiblility of hard tagets, like oh, say the LA airport as part of the millenium celebration. Part of Al-queda's doctrine is to strike at small soft targets also. for example, busses and trains. As the Brits and Spaniards have seen.

So if we're not dealing with any huge military threat why is the US occupying a nation in the Middle East that has, by the lack of demonstrable evidence, had absolutely nothing to do with those perpetrating such acts? Was it to, once it's CIA asset dictator had been removed, draw the terrorists to Iraq to finish fucking up what successive administrations had started? Are we to assume that US foreign policy is merely stupid? Of course not - it's simply criminal. It'd be easy to suggest than responsibility lies with the President but quite clearly he's responsible for nothing more than coffee and doughnuts at the strategy meetings. The Dick & Donny cabal however, featuring such noted humanitarian intellectuals as the ultra right pro-Israeli Wolfowitz and Perle, appear to have other employment interests than the safety and security of the American people and the troops who defend them.
Jordan Vesteyo wrote:The Brits had the balls to deal with them, the Spaniards gave in to them.

'Fraid you are totally incorrect in both statements Jason. Firstly the Spaniards voted Aznar out because he, shortly after the appalling bombings, appeared to use the incident for domestic political ends. Just like Bush and 9/11 funnily enough - the guy who bans publication of flag draped coffins goes on to use them in his campaign ad's didn't seem to strike many as the rank hypocrisy it was. Anyway the socialist Spanish administration that succeeded Aznar had already committed itself to the withdrawal of troops before said bombings.

Meanwhile in the UK the quisling Blair just went for it - a series of show enquiries pathetic in both remit & scope attempted to clear the name of the Government and it's duplicitious excuse of a policy. Let's be absolutely clear about this: Blair has never even attempted to justify or explain his actions in subverting the British government and due process beyond claiming that he believes 'it was the right thing to do'. Frankly, short of a war crimes tribunal at The Hague where incidentally Saddam should be, I believe the right thing for Blair to do would be to pull a Bud Dwyer on national television. Britain has recieved, unlike our Australian friends and their free trade deal bribe, no apparent benefits other than dead soliders. Blair (like Bush) is attempting, and has already succeeded in some cases, in introducing draconian legislation over the entire populace (rather than simply those convicted of terrorist charges) in terms of custody, extradition, evidence and identification.

Tho' it may be somewhat outside the scope of this thread, and apologies to anyone having made it this far, many in the UK will not be happy until a full transcript is published of the April 2002 meeting between Bush and Blair at Crawford, Texas where it is widely believed he committed British forces to an illegal invasion under chapter 6,7 and 8 of the UN charter. 1441 stated quite clearly that the UN would resume in order to examine the evidence in light of Blix's report pending any further action.

In addition several reports have now come to light stating that the idiotic and incompetent CIA/NSA even infiltrated the weapons inspections teams in order to expedite potential assassination attempts - obviously the Iraqis were aware of this and, initially, attempted to keep them at arms length given the potential threat. Eventually however, as wider risks escalated, Saddam relented and Blix recieved more information it became quite apparent that the WMD claims cooked up for war, why go to Niger for yellowcake when your bloody well sitting on tons of the stuff?, were in fact complete bollocks. So much so that when a British weapons expert leaked it to the Press he was 'suicided' and his character and professional expertise rubbished in the subsequent 'transparent' inquiry designed to clear the government.

It really doesn't look good does it?

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Post by pilcrow » Sat Jan 28, 2006 4:04 am

Can't you guys bloviate any faster? We're nearly to 30 pages.

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here comes 30 ....
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