External Hard Drive Question

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Post by Keyser Soze » Sun Feb 05, 2006 3:06 am

mercyplease wrote:Kayser you tried to make a name for yourself on this forum by acting like an obnoxious twat piggybacking on the infamy of djretard
I remember silently backing against djr a mistake I wont be making this time

a one time post-off from a regular member
Well, actually I only defended an opinion I had about his music. Opinions which he asked for, but it appeared that we were not allowed to say negative things. I was honest and constructive at first, but he took it as a personal attack so he started getting obnoxious. I responded to his aggression, which most people would do too. I have to say I don't really know what you are trying to say with your post here, but OK never mind. I know that these petty little battles some people have got involved with on this forum (I too am guilty of this crime) are a waste of energy. So in future I will refrain from this stupid bickering because no matter what you say, and I take the DJRetard fiasco as an example, it gets distorted by the person it is directed at, especially if it gets emotional. Irrationality just takes over.

But this post is really about external hard drives, so I would appreciate that people stick to the issue and spare me and whoever else has an interest in the topic any misconceptions and opinions you have about me.

Thank You
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