How... how and how.....

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How... how and how.....

Post by DJThis » Sat Mar 11, 2006 9:17 am

Ok.. I am like a born again Ableton.... I know how to warp for the first time tonight..Dang... I am soo excited... i have been matching beat with 1200 and cdj 800 forever.. but nothing compared to what Ableton does.... Truely eye-opening...

Thanks for all your help...

Now my next question is.. How do I cue using the headphone??? I don't see that cue icon on my Live screen.. or the headphone icon thing.. Where is it???

How do I make my Live session work like a 5 channel mixer with its own cue button per channel.. or a PFL knob dry/wet.. .. stuff like you would do if you dj with 1200 ..

Oh.. what sound card should i buy?


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Post by amo » Sat Mar 11, 2006 9:37 am


For cueing in Live, you would first need to have a soundcard with one free stereo output, to monitor the cued sound.
Then in the option menu you'll have the choice between "solo switches" and "cue switches". When "cue switches" is selected, the solo buttons on each track will turn as cue buttons. The general cue volume is controlled by a knob close to the master fader. One thing: if you want to be able to cue more than one track at once, go to the preferences, Misc pane and deselect "exclusive solo".
You have to make sure that the cue output is different from the master output (see the two drop down menus on the master track).

Another technique, prefered by some, is to use one return track as the cue track. Set one send as prefader, and set the output of the corresponding return track to the stereo output you'll use for cueing. Then use the send knobs on the tracks to cue them, this technique allows you to controll the relative volume of each track in the cue mix, which can be usefull.

Hope that helps,

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