help with old vocal sample & warp mode

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help with old vocal sample & warp mode

Post by hat » Mon May 26, 2003 1:36 am

Hi all

I'm doing a remix of an old 50's song, fortunately the beat is faint but the vocal's syllables don't always fall 'on the beat'. I've had Live for a few months now and this project is rather challenging. I understand this is where the warp markers do their thing, but it seems it's a skill on it's own to know how to best use them. I'm chopping up the vox track in multiple clips so that I can edit on a sentence by sentence basis, but it seems that I'm getting sluggish artifacts when moving markers around. Even on the Tones/Grains setting, the stretching becomes audible.

Are there any tips you can share to overcome this? I need to do a 67bpm chill-out loungy track with this old vocal sample within the next few days.

Also, when previewing loops on the left side browser, it seems that sometimes the preview follows the project tempo and other times it won't. However, an odd thing is happening recently, say I have a folder of drum loops at 80bpm, but my session tempo is 87bpm, normally I would think it would sound crisp but slightly sped up, but for some reason when previewing all the loops in that folder, they sound really sluggish, almost suggesting that my session tempo is somewhere near 40bpm!?

Is there a setting I'm overlooking to make sure I either always preview at project tempo or at the sample's source tempo?

Thanks for any help and sorry for the long post! Cheers!

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Post by globalgoon » Mon May 26, 2003 11:26 am

when i work with vocals, i use tone mode, but for bits that sound too time-stretched, i turn the stretch feature off and start chopping away with command-e. This can be quite a slow process if most of the audio sounds grainy though.

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