Can someone tell me if this is possible with Ableton...

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Post by mercyplease » Tue Mar 21, 2006 3:56 pm

i'd like to use it as an add on instrument or what not, not strictly an Ableton DJ though. I find I need to play with records and beatmatch and all that, I don't think i'd be happy just using a computer to entertain the crowd.
I figured you wre a hands on performance dj and i understand your reservations switching to a laptop for all your dj m'larky stuff.

have you tried to manually sync Live (on another computer) with Serato?

If you look in the tips section theres a thread regarding the use of a pitch wheel to control Lives tempo. I figure this is something similiar to using your slider on your decks for tempo matching so perhaps you could use Live as a third deck with extra features?

But you really need some advice from someone with experience in this area as iM really just shooting in the dark here. There is a solution for you Im sure of that.

Can someone help this chap.

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Post by kabuki » Tue Mar 21, 2006 4:14 pm

I figure they have guiter pedals that will do what you want and are fairly cheap. Chain them in sequence, run them through the sends on your mixer and go. They are way stable and usually pretty small.

Unless you want to buy a second computer, that is all you can do without spending $$$, as far as I can tell...

Ableton is good for remixing, layering tracks beats and mixing. It can get extremely complicated and busy if you want it to. For just playing one track to another, it can be overly simple, and dullt to do as much as it is to watch (Sasha)...

Serrato is good for the traditional DJ, who would want the zen experience of concentrating on a track and beatmatching it in real-time to another (along with scratching and juggling with platters). Regardless of whether the DJ is using CD, wax, or Serrato/Final Scratch, it is also a physical interaction with the music you just can't get with AbLive.

And, until someone creates an interface that will allow for more connection to the music, they will remain separate (HINT HINT M-Audio/Ableton/Korg/etc), because pushing buttons is only so fun and interactive.

And that is why you want to use platters. Am I wrong?
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Post by mercyplease » Tue Mar 21, 2006 10:12 pm

Thanks Kabuki I was feeling obligated on this one and Im not a dj.

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Post by Mouk » Wed Mar 22, 2006 1:49 am

You know what I was just thinking, I could make my own loops, of certain tracks I would like to do the loop effect with(or reverb) and just mix the loop into my mix whenever. That'd be a lil more difficult than just using an efx box or what not....but it would be cheaper and id still be able to as you said "connect with the music in a more physical manner." I might try that first and see how it goes. Maybe i'll just use Ableton for that. :) Thanks for the help though you guys, much appreciated since I knew absolute shit about what I was asking.

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