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 Post subject: live show ideas
PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2003 11:48 pm 

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Know this has been covered somewhat here..looking for some expert help thought using the scene page in live performance..
Wondering some specific performance related ideas some of you might have related to song structure and getting clips to trigger on the fly with lock..
here is what I'd like to do with a Live set..
say we have one song that is straight ahed in terms of verse chorus and then solo setion..
we want the solo section to be free yet all to go in perfect time with chordal bass and drum loops..
Any hints on having the scenes work and trigger in real time for performance in this way..
scene 1..have verse and chorus as 1 scene play through(yes no brainer)
then nees to have an extended solo part play looped directly after the verse and chorus without missing a beat..then back to the chorus again...can get tyhis to work ok in the arrange window yet want to experiment with the great flexability of the clip and scene concept..
also would like to pre set our show to be able to do this on lets say 4-5 songs with keeping the same window open..
(would rather not do this in the arrange window as will be tough to work with on stage on the fly..)
main concern is getting the solo loop section to come in properly as most of the clips are at varied and moving tempos although the down beats need to lock for the start of each clip..
Sorry to be long winded but interested to hear some expert views here..
thanks and peace

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2003 10:26 am 

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If I understand you well you could do it as follow, trigger everything together, but put the solo part etc on crossfader B the others all to A , now set your crossfader entirely to the A at the start of your performance [the solo will be playing in sync but you won'thear it due to the crossfader ] ... when the solo starts , slide your crossfader over to B ... voilĂ  perfect beatmatched in/out...

If you need to keep some elements of the original line while playing the solo, than just put the elements you don't need to A, all the rest than will keep playing, and you'll fade out only the A trax

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