Can Live map incoming midi notes to other notes and chs?

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dancing Ray
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Post by dancing Ray » Wed Apr 05, 2006 12:10 am

dancing Ray wrote:I can give at least some hints on it.
..on how I do it..

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Post by Tim York » Wed Apr 05, 2006 3:59 am

Web presence will be updated soon. I´ll send you a message if you like.
Yes, I'm interested in what you are doing. Where are you in the world?
If you want to play interesting sounds with your v-drums you definetly have to try this impulse thing mikHATz spoke about! I´m experimenting for three years now and actually two weeks ago I had a breakthrough Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy .
I can give at least some hints on it.
OK, I'll look into it some more. What was your breakthrough? And some hints would be great - thank you! :D

dancing Ray
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Post by dancing Ray » Wed Apr 05, 2006 10:30 am

Not much time, sorrry.. ... highlight=

Either you can change whole Impulse sets or just the assigned note with this method. I have an Impulse for my snare sounds and now I can simply switch the sound. The interesting thing now is to use a knob to tune the Impulse (either single samples or the global tune). Or you can assign the stretch knob or gate or whatever you like. The difficult part is to keep in mind what is edited how. I´m hoping that the Novation Remote 25SL will solve that problem.

Later more,


P.S.: of course you need a free hand or foot to control these things.
If you don´t want to have it done by triggered midi clips. :wink: :D

dancing Ray
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Post by dancing Ray » Thu Apr 06, 2006 11:29 pm

Huh, I´m located in Dresden, Germany and school´s english is so long gone but I´ll try to explain some more...

The clou of the sound-change-method is that you do not have to scroll through different banks but have instant access to eight sounds. Instant is dependent to your clip update rate, though.

My "breakthrough" was:
I filled an Impulse with eight different, though coresponding samples.
I put a random tool in front of it which pitches an octave up at about 85 percent (it´s default with chance set to 85).
I put a scale device in between to trigger with every hit.
I did this seven times and can change them almost instantly (clip update rate is 1/32 - no loops 8) ) This can make 6/8 one sound set and the last two another, for example. It may do for a brake or fill in (with a quick delay bus send), just leave kick and snare silent.

As I´m doing four to the floor stuff I often have my left foot running on the off beats. I assigned my midi output with that foot to C3 and now I randomly trigger one of these samples. Of course you don´t always know what happens but it sounds incredible lively.

Now you can create another channel with Impulse which is also triggered by your left foot. Here you can run a "normal" HH - I usually have a clicky one there.
And of course you can still have your original V-Drum sound (I only have a SPD20 :( ).

Finally I have made up five busses (my computers too slow for more).
One (the fifth) to put my seven random Impulses together, it doesn´t matter any further because it is routed to an audio in.
The first one without effects is my clean way to let the sound pass unharmed to the stereo out.
The other three are loaded with effects. I currently have one set up with Ping pong delay (think of the "F button" !!!), the second has simply an Autofilter (or do you like to twist it yourself?) on it and the third makes me happy with a BeatRepeat device.

On each relevant channel (which is an Impulse for snare, another for HH and the random audio track) I have the four sends assigned to knobs. So I can choose which way the audio should take...
  • none
    clean + ping pong
    clean + ping pong + filter
    clean + ping pong + filter + beat repeat
    clean + filter
    clean + filter + beat repeat

... for each of my three (up to now) sound sources.

Of course you need a (or multiple) sufficient controller for this. I recommend a Faderfox LX unit. The new one with Leds are nice, lots of buttons, but shurely do a proper research what fits best for your needs.

After all this happend I have an Alesis Philtre module plugged to my stereo sum...

If this all is too confusing try an Impulse with just one snare sample, assign one knob to Impulse´ time parameter and play backbeats. On with long time, one with short...

:( You shurely have to sacrifice one limb to do all the twiddling and twisting but I think it´s worth it. Go, pitch it, twist it, wrangle it :twisted:


P.S.: Your Audio interface should allow very low latencys.
Yes, it is gear war.

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