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 Post subject: Strange artifacts at the very end of a clip when recording
PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2003 12:32 pm 

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Hello everybody - if you're scared by the length of this, there's an actual question at the bottom ;)

I've had some rather nasty problems with quantitisation noise in Live when I used 2.03, but it's seemingly gone away after having reformatted and partitioned my HD, as well as having upgraded to 2.1.1. I'm running OSX on an iBook G3 900 with 384 Mb of RAM. My audio interface is an EMI 2/6 with the latest OSX drivers.

I recently purchased a Korg Electribe S sampler, which I use as a sampling drum machine; I like to see it as a hands on version of Reason's Redrum. It's very nice. I was initially planning to purchase either a second Electribe or a guitar looper pedal, as I need to be able to make loops on the fly and switch between them much like a DJ would - I need to programme and cue up a fresh one while the old one's still running. Bringing a bag of drum loops and using Live wasn't good enough for me any more...

Stumbling over another thread here, I thought maybe I could use Live for looping, seeing as I'm already bringing my laptop to the rehearsal room & stage (well, eventually) for backing tracks and other general madness. I've just tried this out this morning, and it's working out great; I set up the Electribe so it's routed to my monitors and to the audio ins on the EMI, I'll then press record and then the stop button (assigned to my computer keyboard) just before the ending of the fourth bar (or whatever I'll be needing), so it's time quantitised. OK. Except that I'm getting a strange artifact which sounds like stuttering or a very short delay with a quite hard feedback. The loops are of the correct length an everything, but this sound sticks out like a sore thumb, which is unacceptable. I'd really prefer to spend the £350 I'd put aside for a second Electribe or a loopstation on some new effects or what have you.

Any ideas as to what's going on?


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