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Post by head » Tue Sep 16, 2003 11:06 pm

well, I'm pasting this after already putting it in "tips and tricks" but I'm desperate for advice and hope you won't mind too much!

not particular to beta 3.03...but I've always had a little problem with midi:

1- Does Live not recognise emagic's Unitor8 mk2? (nothing shows up in the preferences as a midi option when the Unitor is what I'm trying to use)

2- When trying to slave Live on my PC (XP + MAUDIO Audiophile2496 for midi in) to a master Mac running Logic (os 9.2.2 + Unitor8 Mk2 midi out) although Live sees the incoming midi impulses, it doesn't even remotely work and seems to sometimes go into a spin!
the only way I seem to be able to sync the two machines is by using this same setup but Live on XP as the Master slaving the mac and Logic.

It shouldn't do this and would be very grateful for the right advice.
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