help - further optimizing live

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help - further optimizing live

Post by spherop » Fri Dec 29, 2006 5:56 pm

running live 6.0.3 - focusrite liquid mix - fx teleport - p4 3.0 ghz 2 gig ram sata.

basically i am not running any plugs or vsti's on the daw - everything is being run on the liquid mix and the fx-teleport server box.

still i hover around 54% proc at 1024 buffer size on lynx sound card on a large mix while it's playing back.

so what is eating up all that processor?

I can see that fx-teleport lan/plug instances still use a few % points of proc, so that eats up some of it.

have searched around here, but not finding a consolodated list or anything.

are there cache settings, temp file location, turning off warp, etc - tweaks i can apply - to bring down memory and proc?

i'd love to hear what people do? trying everything by using liquid mix, fx-teleport, uad. bums me out though that even with all of that - it still seems like a real trick to get live to stay peppy on the main daw box.

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Post by mission » Fri Dec 29, 2006 6:02 pm

Hmm you have something seriously wrong there.

Im running a 1.8ghz (essentially), 1GB RAM with an EMU 1820m interface and a UAD-1 mainly powering the Neve 1081 EQ for most of my main processing. I go anywhere from 6 to 15 tracks per song and I've maybe only had to freeze something once. I'm constantly in the 30-40% range at full blast.

The only advice I can give you is the obvious stuff. Are you using your ASIO drivers for Live, do you have the latest ones? All I can think of is that you have Windows WDM set for your Audio Driver rather than ASIO... I'd also suggest for you to look into your buffer settings (I thought lower was better... Im at 20ms on my card with the compensation putting me at about 9ms overall latency) on the card but I dont think that'd have anything to do with CPU usage in Live.

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Post by spherop » Fri Dec 29, 2006 6:15 pm

thx -

i am using the asio drivers for the lynx card.

i have about 25 tracks.

i will try reducing the lynx buffer size to see if that helps.

what about the plugin buffer size in live? it's at the default 128.

i am using trilogy, dr008, livetweaker, mr rhodes 22, vintage warmer, and more - but again all on the server box. plus i am using a ton of liquid mix plugs. but i would think i could keep live down to in a 30-40 range... hoping to get it there as i like the main box to fly.

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