Anyone tried this: Devine Machine Pro VSTi?

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Anyone tried this: Devine Machine Pro VSTi?

Post by watermoon » Mon Dec 01, 2003 4:22 am

Looks interesting - I thought at first it was another AbletonLive but it ain't.


The interface is kinda fluffy and the implementation needs polishing but the results on garden-variety loops is inspiring.

Another tool for the toolbox.


Post by Guest » Mon Dec 01, 2003 10:58 am

i tried it and i didn't like it at all. it does not sound very good and it is not very confortable to work with.

there is no reason at all to use this crappy thing if u have ableton live 3!


Post by Guest » Mon Dec 01, 2003 12:04 pm

damn guest you're a lil tense arent you???
devine machine is pretty cool, especialy if you feel different and create differently depending on the interface that you're using, for instance the beats I make in reason are nothing like the beats I make in fruity loops, or the beats I make when using just Live, of course no matter what I'm working in though the final stop is Live 8)


Post by Guest » Tue Dec 02, 2003 9:52 am

do what u feel but devine machine still doesn't sound good and isn't worth the money if u have live or anything else.
try the demo on their website and u will see...


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