problems adding VST plugins

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problems adding VST plugins

Post by draff » Mon Dec 01, 2003 8:13 pm

Based on some feedback in a forum here, I downloaded the Digital Fishbones THD VST plugin for Mac. I unstuffed it, stuck it in my vst folder, restarted Live, and it does not show up. I tried downloading and installing a few other free vst's, and none will show up. The only vst's that show up at all are the mda free bundle, which I already had in there. They work fine, but no other vst's show up at all in my vst window.

Any thoughts? I also tried restarting my Mac, with no luck.

God, yep, God

problem adding VST plug-ins?

Post by God, yep, God » Tue Dec 02, 2003 5:49 am

You are not alone. I had the same problem where half the VST's I had showed up and half didn't. Much sorting of folders didn't help either.

Got an email back from Ableton saying to trash preferences but I didn't get around to it because they all started coming back!! I had accidentally deleted a VST called Supertrigga and wondered why it wouldn't show. When I downloaded it again, it showed up. So I deleted all the VST's that wouldn't show and re-downloaded them and they're working great.

Hope this idea helps....

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