Am I missing something obvious

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Am I missing something obvious

Post by geestar » Tue Dec 02, 2003 11:20 am

Ok...... so I havent read the instruction manual fully yet, but I have had a good trawl through the WARP section.
I get the general gist of what is going on in live (2) but my problem is this:
I make some beats and some bass lines in REASON ,burn them off to wav's then import them into LIVE 2 .
I keep the tempo in live at the same rate as the beats I've just made in REASON.
I warp the samples and everything works fine ..... but what if I want to bring in another piece of audio ...... say for example a loop off a sample cd that isnt at the same tempo as the current LIVE set up ...
I have been finding that if I bring anything else into LIVE that wasnt produced at exactly the same tempo as the one currently set within the particular LIVE set , then it just plays at it's own speed completely obliviously to the rest of the tracks

Ok what I'm trying to say is do you get a sample to tempo match with the rest of a set? cheers. :(

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