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Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2004 1:51 pm
by fsk
some nice tunes up, a lot of tunes on the forums, moscas, dub's, cant get tj's tho and ponto's live mp3 too.

well here's mine aint much created about a month ago with a friend on a weekend, created the bassline and then the strings in fruityloops, quite a poor program but has really good samples in it, then created the beats on reason, hooked my mates laptop into my desktop (hence the laptop harddrive sound, sux) and then just recorded it live while adding stuff in. It was mainly so we wouldnt forget wot we've done and then go back and re-do it or add stuff to it.

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2004 2:46 pm
by mosca
Nice pads & chords
Nice fucked up hats
Well produced (give us a 192Kbps version, or an ep for retropublik :D )

This is good stuff.

More mosca tunes can be found here (if you are interested)...

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2004 10:22 pm
by tjwett not logged in
fsk wrote:... cant get tj's tho...
try this:

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2004 10:46 pm
by Alex Reynolds
Wow, that's pretty catchy...


Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2004 10:52 pm
by Alex Reynolds
What the hell, I'll join in...


Don't beat me up too badly!


Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2004 11:36 pm
by tjwett
Alex Reynolds wrote:Wow, that's pretty catchy...

hehe thanks. i'm not usually one to do anything "catchy" but i just couldn't resist those bells, plus i'm a huge Velvet Underground fan. i've been experimenting with cutting up vocals and using the words as more of an "instrument" than a traditional vocal. Prefuse 73 is the king of this technique and i'll probably get accused of biting but whatevs. maybe one day i'll actually finish the track.

i like your stuff A LOT. don't take this the wrong way but i like the "new ageyness" of it. sorry i can't think of a better word. i mean that in a good way, not in a Yanni way. :)

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2004 11:47 pm
by Alex Reynolds
Definitely feeling that Prefuse73/Delarosa + Asora flavor . . .

Give us more!

Here's one I put together with two samples and DFX Transverb:



Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2004 12:18 am
by fsk
thnx mosca, well we plan to re-record the whole bloody thing cos its pretty bad quality, with the hard drive sound and all. I'll send u it at later date.

nice stuff btw tj :) aint heard urs yet alex :D but welcome to my winamp playlist tj and mosca!

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2004 12:33 am
by tjwett
thanks guys! and welcome to my iPod :wink: please know that's just a rough thing, my tracks don't normally end mid-bar. i'll post some of my more original stuff, so i don't get pigeon-holed. :o definitely liking a lot of stuff from this thread.

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2004 12:52 am
by fsk
owww wi thought u was trying to start a new wave of electro with ending mid bar ;P hehe nice work. keep it up when i got the site up, feel free to upload and stuff :)

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2004 1:25 am
this is nice, kind of like show and tell.
i have a few more;

this one is like an audio painting:

this one is more dancy:

these are more recent dancy works:
i know the EQing sucks on these.

please spank,:oops: , i mean critique me!

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2004 9:49 pm
by The Kooky Scientist
audio of my most recent set in Detroit is in the archive @
28 Nov. 2003

Paxahau is promoting an event Feb. 7th
Akufen, Monolake & Deadbeat live

with Clark Warner, Ryan Elliot DJ sets

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2004 11:26 pm
by fsk
nice live set, not too into that kinda house stuff tho, seems so bland and boring to me, same for ltjx's. altho well produced and was a very well done live set.

Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2004 3:02 am
by Guest
ummm so was it mine that was bland and boring or was it (Mr.) The Kooky Scientist (a semi god in the tecno world) :wink:

in any case no affence take. 8) WOULD be such a great idea for Ableton to have a place people could post stuff and people could listen to each other's music, and critique or just plain enjoy it.

Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2004 3:08 am
oh, that was me by the way.