Logic question then a Live question :)

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Logic question then a Live question :)

Post by Needs2Know » Thu Mar 15, 2007 12:38 pm

Hey does anyone know how to record from the vocoder in Logic directly? I want the signal to go like this: MIC(preamp) ---> Ultralight analog In "3" ----> EVOC 20 PS -----> Audio track. ...been at this all night its probably something simple. I tried sending the signal from the EVOC audio/instrument track (via a "send" slot) to Bus one when i spoke into the mic i got signal on Bus One and Aux One. Then I double clicked the Aux One track from the Mixer Window which added that track to the arrangment window. but when i tried to record it no region was being created. as i was recording my voice and holding down midi keys. i could hear my vocoded voice and could see level rise on the aux track but nothing was recording. and yes it was record enabled.

i was going to post this question on logics forum but my password isnt working and im waiting to hear back from administrator.

my second question deals with cutting up your mix for use of a live set using ableton Live. how do you do it? is there a resource that offers ideas and techniqes? Having some idea of how I'm going to be performing will help me mix the track in Logic.
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