Do Live and Jamstix Jive?

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Post by franknputer » Tue May 15, 2007 4:19 pm

Tone Deft wrote:Finally got the download go-ahead, it's gonna take for-fucking-ever to download!!!!!!!!

FWIW has the Expansion Tank Acoustic Drums Multisamples CD for $30 marked down from $80. (They change the 'stupid deal of the day daily, I've picked up some good cheap stuff there.)
Heh - they're still advertising that price, although the on-line system will show the regular $79.99 price in the cart. I called them up, though, & they sold it for $29.99 :!: 8)

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Post by dancerchris » Tue May 15, 2007 5:08 pm

Tone, the "brain" in Jamstix appears to be volume driven for dynamics based on your input via audio or midi, in other words it tracks how "energetic" you're playing. The tempo is based on your DAW's master tempo and the details of the fills and styles are based on the settings of the VSTi. As such I like using a keyword jam, where I pick out several key words I'm interested in and then go with it. The brain determines whether or not you need detail or just a 4x4. Still playing with it myself.

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Post by Tone Deft » Tue May 15, 2007 6:53 pm

Thanks for the heads up Chris.

I was just doing 'free jams' last night. The first thing I want to figure out is how to keep the drums playing when I stop, I appreciate the 'less is more' approach sometimes on guitar. The drums would stop when I paused then have to start up again, intro fill and all. I'll definitely check out 'keyword' jamming.

After a while I let loose and it was like learning to play with a new band member, it has a character to it, but it shows to up practice on time, doesn't drink your beer or lose tempo. Often I'd count with it and jump back on the 1 to keep things rolling, when it was ON it felt GREAT!

I've got midi on my guitar too but I couldn't get that hooked up in the short time I had, that might make the jams even better, MIDI to guide jamstix but I hear my pickups.

Interesting program LOTS of options in it, I'd really appreciate hearing how other people set this thing up.

I also got it to crash Live a few times while getting it up and running, I don't know how often that will happen I'm a dumb-ass n00b, for now.

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Post by franknputer » Tue May 15, 2007 7:53 pm

yeah, it's a bit quirky with Live. I saw some odd behavior from it last night as well, although it never crashed Live - all the stuff I saw was the plugin acting up.

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