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Post by pabloaugustus » Tue Jul 10, 2007 11:22 pm

b0unce wrote:
leisuremuffin wrote: the horrible lack of musicianship and taste is.

listen to the last breakdown section at the end where bt is just noodling aimlessly.... what? and that's just where it's most obviously awful.
amen, hit the nail on the head there old bean.
I thought the whole track was garbage tho, and BT didnt even enter my thoughts...I just thought 'what the fuck are the roots doing? ...followed by 'I guess I had them pegged for something they're not' ...followed by 'how much did they get paid for this shit?'

and then they had that interview at the end and everything became clear

and thats when BT spoke , and I learned he picked the roots from a list - in much the same way an obscene buisness man might choose a whore in a brothel - thats when I switched off.

all in all, a sickening experience. the roots have bills to pay obviously.... by the way, when did blade II come out ?
they've definitely gone in a direction I don't understand since their days of acoustic street jams & first two official releases, do you want mo' (live drums) and iladelph halflife (live drums sampled & looped). IMO the roots need to get back to their roots, and bring back acoustic hiphop.

Can't f*ck with Questlove though, he's a truly amazing musician.
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Post by noisetonepause » Tue Jul 10, 2007 11:41 pm

Ah, Things Fall Apart and Phrenology are amazing albums. Some of the best hiphop ever, IMO.
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Post by LOFA » Wed Jul 11, 2007 6:53 am

Tone Deft wrote:meh, it was what it was, poor mixing at the console if nothing else, the detuned bass needed to be chilled out.
That was clearly (imo) a case of bad youtube compression, recording or bad mixing output through broadcast. I am willing to bet that the sound was awesome in the studio, at the front of house, and was just buggered from that point on. I say this because BT seems to be responding extremely well to all of his possible cues from the other musicians, both sonic and visually. That was fucking awesome. Almost as good as Faith No More and Booya tribe. ... ed&search=

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