Live 6 Rack Device Bank Macro Knob Remote Control

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Live 6 Rack Device Bank Macro Knob Remote Control

Post by chris_dan » Wed Aug 22, 2007 5:31 am

I will be posting a link within the next couple of days on this forum and others that displays a fully functional model of a software interface that allows the FCB1010 or similar to control all or any pre-configured macro knob's available within Live's Rack Module types. Each macro knob's rotation (cw or ccw) can be controlled incrementally or full smooth rotation by pressing a foot switch on your midi foot controller. As well, the expression pedal is available for the conventional "wah" pedal articulation. Each and every macro knob retains the edit settings within the device bank section regardless of how many device banks you choose to setup. The only limitation is your available system resources (ram and processor hp). Using the FCB1010 for example one could control 40 macro knobs with only using 4 foot pedal switches with each macro knob retaining all edits. The need for take-over mode has been 0 to 127 knob slams that can pop your speaker cones. As I mentioned earlier I hope to have the fully interactive on-line model available to try within the few days.

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Post by rozling » Wed Aug 22, 2007 10:07 am

This sounds flippin fantastic! I will definitely be checking this out. You need a catchier name though. How about Knob Enlargement Factory? Erotic Footrest? Henkenator?

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