Impulse in Live 7, question to beta testers

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Post by steff3 » Sun Oct 14, 2007 8:07 am

[quote="R.J.Dubya"]As cool as the drum rack idea is, I think it is really unfortunate that they have basically split their drum functionality into two camps, both of which are missing features from the other. [/quote]

Well, since with version 4 I think it does no longer fit into the Live-concept to implement something straight forwardly. Features get implemented partly.

For Racks we still have no sends, no real MIDI editing (and MIDI warping), etc.


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Post by Pasha » Sun Oct 14, 2007 8:37 am

hoffman2k wrote:
Pasha wrote:
Poster wrote: its better to understand that drum racks are not 'new magic', or a totally new sample based devices..
basicly its just a 'normal' rack filled with Simplers..
I missed that point when I went through the promo video on Ableton site.
It shows someone draggin & dropping samples on a Rack and probably I forgot to link the subsequent parts....
Indeed I sense a loss of functionalities here. I sure cannot move my songs to the new drum racks without effort.
Does anybody has tested session? it looks like it'a Drum Rack with a large amount of samples...

- Best
- Pasha
Why transfer? You're already complaining about drum racks, why change your kits from Impulse then?
I think that Drum Racks are revolutionary.
I'd like to use them and I'll do it in new songs.
I'm not complaining and I apologize if I made it feeling like that.
Innovation has to bring in gaps, otherwise you'll end up like Microsoft.
I have a lot of MIDI clips I bought from SmartLoops that I would like to use and today I use it using the GM Map effect but (this is my blame, I know I could have done it but I'm somewhat lazy...) I cannot use large MIDI sets because Impulse allows only 8 slots. I think that Drum Racks will allow me to sample and put at work a full GM Midi set (I got single shot samples or I can sample them from my MIDI gear) and in turn make a full use of my MIDI clips.
Is there a way where I can download Live 7 and use it in demo mode without a code, just to take a look?

- Best
- Pasha
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Post by ai-DEL » Tue Oct 23, 2007 5:52 am

Is there a choke feature similar to an MPC or the "Link" option like that found in the last two pads of Impulse with Drum Rack...for each pad? Sweet, merciful crap...that would be glorious.

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Post by hoffman2k » Tue Oct 23, 2007 7:50 am

ai-DEL wrote:Is there a choke feature similar to an MPC or the "Link" option like that found in the last two pads of Impulse with Drum Rack...for each pad? Sweet, merciful crap...that would be glorious.

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Post by djadonis206 » Tue Oct 23, 2007 2:10 pm

I hope I can figure out drum racks - I still can't make one clip play after another with the follow action and I'm scarred of the racks - I couldn't get an effect to play after a instrument

now the racks - I'm excited but very nervous it's another feature my little brain will not figure out - so sad

such a good looking person, so little figuring out power :(


syke - I'm stoked for the racks and I DID make a clip play one after another once, back in 2005 ;)


right now I'm dropping whole tracks into my simplers and grabbing little bits here and there to make beats - only now can I expound on that use my rex files etc etc

never was a big fan of impulse but it's an awesome tool to program a 909 hat

it's weird my kicks sound massive out of Battery 1.whatever and my hats sound really dope out of impulse - weird

all of this is very weird
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