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mac extensions

Post by joh » Tue May 28, 2002 11:43 am

Hi folks, which extensions do you have disabled to have the best performance with live?

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Post by FORMAT » Mon Jun 03, 2002 9:49 am


Someone on the Logic Forum posted this list of extension tips there:

(see ... 6;t=000442)

OK, I finally got around to outputting as a text file the 9.2.1 minimum extension set for Mac OS 9.2.1

NOTE: This assumes NO networking, filesharing, websharing, or stuff like that. This is bare minimum that will give you the highest performance focused DAW.

Note: I have an ATI card in my machine, so there are ATI support files. If you have an nVidia card, or Matrox, or whatever then keep those in your set.

Note: I use AMT-8s as my midi interfaces. If you use something else then insure you keep either all the OMS control panels and extensions or FreeMIDI control panels and extensions. If you're not sure what these are, set up this extension set then re-install your MIDI subsystem.

Note: Since you're turning off networking, you also have to turn off QuickTime Streaming or you'll get a nag aleart every time you restart. Not a problem just nagging. Go into the System Folder>Extensions>QUicktime Extensions and get rid of the "QuickTime Streaming" extension.

Don't do this willy-nilly. Do it right, and recoverably. Use the Extension Manager control panel.
Open that control panel and duplicate your current extension set, rename that new set to "DAW Extensions" or something, and do all your unchecking of check boxes in that. Then you can recover if you make a mistake or things work funny.

Note: If things fail, you can invoke the Extensions Manager by holding down the space bar when you boot your machine. Do this and you can then choose the default extension set, restart, and everything will be fine.
Same with audio card, I have a Delta 1010 in this machine, keep the appropriate thing for your audio in.

OK, here is the minimum set of extesions and control panels for a stable Mac OS 9.2.1 DAW.

Apple Audio Extension
Apple CD/DVD Driver
Apple Monitor Plugins
ATI 3D Accelerator
ATI Driver Update
ATI Graphics Accelerator
ATI MPP Manager
ATI Radeon 3D Accelerator
ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator
ATI Resource Manager
ATI Video Accelerator
Delta 1010 Driver
FireWire Authoring Support
FireWire Enabler
FireWire Support
FireWire VST HD/Zip Support
Foreign File Access
QuickTime™ MPEG Extension
QuickTime™ Musical Instruments
QuickTime™ PowerPlug
Shared Library Manager
Shared Library Manager PPC
SOMobjects™ for Mac OS
Sound Manager
Type 1 Scaler
USB Device Extension
USB Emagic Dongle Driver
USB Software Locator
USB Unitor Family Driver
USB XSKey Driver
Video Startup
VSM Manager
WB Firewire Support

Control Panels
Date & Time
Energy Saver
General Controls
Keychain Access
QuickTime™ Settings
Startup Disk

Hope this helps


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