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yes I am a sad F**ker

Posted: Sat May 08, 2004 3:32 am
by forge
who sits on the computer on internet forums on a friday night

I just saw that the last 4 threads had me as the last poster

I suppose it's vaguely acceptable as I'm very drunk and listening to internet radio, so I still a funkin. I have do do something music related while I'm listening to the radio.

It's something that musicians miss out on - listening to the radio while working.

Okay, shutting up.

Posted: Sun May 09, 2004 3:15 pm
by sweetjesus
i hear you on the not being able to listen to other music while you make music problem, it's the first thing that got to me when i got into production

since i started making music, my listenin of music has dwindled down to a level that i am ashamed of. especially considering my life used to revolve around finding the newest music around...

i used to at least listen to music at work, but since i havent had a proper job for a couple of years, even that's disappeared.

Posted: Sun May 09, 2004 9:49 pm
by forge
ah well, the good thing I've found about having those kind of listening breaks is that when you come back it tends to be to the more timeless and eclectic stuff so it adds a nice dimension to the melting pot - when you're too much on the listening to all the latest stuff one you can get bogged down in all the sub genres until it gets silly!

But it would be nice to have more listening time - I only seem to listen to music these days in may car or on the internet while I write on foums! :wink: