OSX multiple usb inputs?

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OSX multiple usb inputs?

Post by Neil » Sun Jun 02, 2002 12:24 am

I am using a p3 pismo OSX with a midiman 4x4(with midi controllers attached to it) and an oxygen 8.. both have usb connectivity... when i go into preferences for midi input, i can only choose one, either the oxygen 8, port a, port b, port c, or port d... general question: does live support more than one input device? if not, has anyone found a way around it?


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Post by Alex » Sun Jun 02, 2002 1:43 am

Hi Neil,

Sorry, but currently it's not posssible to use more than one midi input device beside the fact that you can use different devices for the "normal" midi data and midi sync.

So there is no workaround in Live for this issue.

Maybe there is something like a virtual midi device that appears to Live as a normal input device but can handle different physical input devices at the same time (a kind of virtual midi merger). I don't know if something like that exists or if it is possible to get it with internal tools of OS X or with OMS under OS 9.



Post by Jory » Wed Jun 05, 2002 5:51 pm

Why not a PHYSICAL 2--> 1 MIDI Merge Box between your devices and the MIDI interface?

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Post by SongCarver » Wed Jun 05, 2002 10:07 pm

Hi there Neil

Yes, there is a way around it, in OS X

Download a little piece of software called MIDI PATCHBAY by Pete Yendell


(It would be good to Write to him too and encorage him to keep programming for OS X midi... I did)

Then run the app, add a few patches with all your inputs you want routed to 'MIDI patchbay output 1'

Then you can choose that in LIVE.


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