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Post by forge » Sun Jan 20, 2008 5:42 am

musicmachine wrote:
djadonis206 wrote:
djadonis206 wrote:so is he scottish or not - see, you're messing with my emotions here

got it here

Irvine Welsh, an acclaimed and often controversial writer of novels, stories and stage and screenplays. Welsh comes from Edinburgh, Scotland, and lives with his American wife Elizabeth, mainly in Dublin, Ireland and Miami Beach, Florida. He travels a great deal and his hobbies include socialising and sporting activities.

so my next question is, are all scots as fanatic about fitba as they seem in his books

like soccer gangs and sh*t
I think it depends.My uncle was scottish,glaswegian.He did like a drink but he was pretty chilled out.Yeah there's an element of truth in Irvine Welshs' books.But England has it's fair share too.I think it's more to do with football as a whole.There's a tribal mentality that goes along with the sport.I've seen gangs start fighting nail and tooth just because they supported a different team,no other reason.The scot do have a reputation though but i can't say they are all that way,i think it depends where you go :)
Scotland was only recently declared by the UN the 'most violent country in the industrialised world'

My mum's a glaswegian from a family of 9 and there is only 1 still in Glasgow, the rest are in the SE - so I think it's a good place to leave

but yes she has told me a few stories, like baby sitting her sisters wee'uns when she was wee while her sisters husband had been locked out fer being a Bastard, so he took to the door with an axe ...that sort of thing

But I think (despite the UN's recent declaration) it's nothing like it used to be

I went through the obligitary Irvine Wlesh phase on the commute into London a few years ago, then I started reading 'Naked lunch' and realised I'd reached saturation point and had to go for some light Frank Skinner to cleanse myself of all the misery I'd just inputted

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Post by djadonis206 » Sun Jan 20, 2008 5:52 am

yeah, Welsh has something against dogs and I usually skip the parts where one of his characters is torturing a dog

but for some reason, they're the only books I can read (go figure)
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