screen size vs. performance?

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screen size vs. performance?

Post by mr.ergonomics » Thu Jan 24, 2008 1:28 am


I am a dual monitor guy (2x19" one for live and one for plugins). Some days ago I replaced one 19" with a 24" and here the pain starts. 8)
I absolutely love this setup for live (24" for live and the 19" for plugins, reaktor....), but the gui seems to be much more unresponsive, even if there is a fresh project with just a midi track.

When I use the 24" alone (1920x1200) or 2x19" ( 1280x1024 + 1280x1024) everything is ok, but 24"+19" (1920x1200 + 1280x1024) seems to be to much. In cubase everything is smooth with the 24"+19" setup.

I have a dual core x2 2800+ and 2 gb ram gefroce 6800gt (agp) with xp sp2. Not the fastest setup, but not "ancient". Do you experienced similar problems with high resolutions or do you have an idea how to get rid of this gui unresponsiveness ? (tweaks or something...?)


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Post by dcease » Thu Jan 24, 2008 1:32 am

you're video card may not support the resoluton on the 24" at the same time as the lower resolution of the 19". new video card?

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