Voice removal problem- opera singer

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Voice removal problem- opera singer

Post by rikhyray » Sat Jan 26, 2008 1:34 pm

The tricks I know for non opera music dont work. My friends asked me to help them, they need few songs just for rehearsals , so quality is not such dramatic factor.For the sake of 2 charming ladies who asked me that favour, please somebody help and save my sanity. I am not opera fan at all, cant listen even Netrebko for more then 5 minutes, after more it feels like dental treatment.

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Post by basscheck » Sat Jan 26, 2008 2:16 pm

Probably best to find a piano score and a piano player and record that. Do they specifically need the orchestral score to sing along with? Can't help with the voice removal problem - never tried it before.
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Post by dm_hawk » Sat Jan 26, 2008 7:14 pm

what pieces are they working on?
how many voices are involved?
what's the orchestration and scenario (i.e. lieder recording w/voice and piano only, live staged opera w/ orchestra, studio recording with orchestra, etc)

-depending on how the singer is mic'ed, you'll generally find that singers have the highest concentrations of acoustical energy in the 2500-3100hz and 1000hz areas. orchestras, on the other hand are stronger below 2500hz, which is why classical singing has evolved to favor the 2500-3100hz range. in fact, we deliberately train to develop strength in that area (most singers call it "ring" or "squillo") i've never tried removing vocals from an opera recording, so i don't know what exactly would be involved, if it's possible at all. maybe if you try punching a hole in the 2500-3100hz range of the recording, it will knock some of the "edge" off. if it's a live recording of a staged opera, you may be able to get somewhere with panning, as arias and duets will sometimes be sung on one side or other of the stage, and recording engineers will sometimes try to preserve the spacing in the final product.

-it may be tedious, but if it's a voice and piano recording, you may have some luck with an audio to midi translator - turn off record quantization, and remove the vocal line. i've had some luck with this in the past, but it was tedious.

-if all else fails, or you just want the easiest way out - any medium to large-sized city in germany will have an opera house with a full staff of Solorepetitoren who are intimately familiar with the full body of classical vocal repertoire and would be happy to make a rehearsal recording for 50EUR per hour or less.

i sing opera for a living :wink:, so feel free to pm me if there's anything else i can help with.
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