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Question about routing external audio in L7 with Ultralite

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 10:31 am
by reset
It seems that I'm beating my head on this one:

I have MOTU UL inputs 1,2 going to a track in Live which in turn is routed to UL outputs 1,2 to be monitored via its main outs. Works fine, ie all audio that live routes to 1,2 are audible.
I have my HW mixer send going to UL input 3 which is going into a track with delay in Live. UL outs 3,4 are connected to the returns on my mixer. Input 3 shows up in my delay track and the meters move etc.
Now, no matter what I do in Lives track monitor settings, I cant get a signal to from the delay track to my mixer returns which are on UL outputs 3,4, hoever I can hear the delay track if I select outputs 1,2.

Using L7 on Ibook G4.

HELP, please!