The time for change has begun... Obama clinches D-Ticket

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Post by leisuremuffin » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:18 pm

Huey wrote:I remember the economy and a democrat did not bring it out of trouble. there is where research of the economic cycles would come in handy for ya. As Bush the 1st was ending his term as president the economy was on an upswing. Clinton rode the economic wave to glory. The economy runs in cycles of approximately 4 to 8 years going good to not so good. That data exist everywhere, from economic journals to the internet. Coinsidentally presidental elections are every 4 years. Therefor, depending on where you sit in the cycle it appears that sitting president actually did something for the economy.

What I am saying about the "plan" is not retarded. Who the fuck relies on all of America to go to his website to find out what he is for and against? That is what is retarded. I would love to see the percentage of poor and lower middle income families have computers and run out to Obama's website to seek the issues and his stance. Nope, neither one has a real plan for America.

You are so full of shit it's not even funny.

go do some research. Reagan and Bush I ran this country's economy straight into the shitter. The national debt and deficit soared. Clinton cleaned that shit up, then Bush II gets into office and imeadiatly pushes the debt and deficit right back into the toilet. The data is there for anyone who has even the slightest interest in it. go have a look. Google is god. Go ask google.

As far as it being retarded to have to go to Obama's website or to research elsewhere his voting history to figure out what he's about, sorry, that isn't any different than it has been with any other mainstream candidate for US president in my lifetime. Just be thankful we have the internet to make the research a lot easier. You are an asshole. What current candidate in this election really spells out their platform without jingoistic sales bullshit? BZZZZT! you'd have to do the research if you cared, fucknut.

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Post by djadonis206 » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:21 pm

djadonis206 wrote:
liveISlife wrote:I may not have read an economy book and I may be uneducated

I hope you're being sarcastic - a tiny bit of knowledge goes along way when it comes to how economies work

economics predicts and explains a lot of what you see. If you really care about what you see I suggest enrolling in an economics class or just reading an intro to economics book

you might like it
Paul Heyne says in his text book The Economic Way of Thinking:

"I don't know anything about fancy economic theory," the confident amateur begins, "but I do know this ... " and what he says next demonstrates all too often that he is quite right in denying and knowledge of economic theory, but quite wrong in supposing that this preserved him from error.

fyi it's a great class ;)
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Post by Huey » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:30 pm

How do I know that Obama won't raise taxes. The Democratic motto is basically "Tax and Spend". Please name me one Democratic president that did not raise taxes over the past 35 years. Bet you can't. I have been to the Obama website and here is how every issue sentence starts..."Obama will blah blah and so forth" Again....NO PLAN. It does not state how he or Clintons site for that matter, plans to do these changes. I bet I know how he will work economic issues....pssst a little secret RAISE TAXES. At the risk of sounding like one of the whinny conspiracy theorist, don't you find it utter amazing, scary, just a weeeeeee little suspicious that when Billy boy was leaving office in a week got up in front of the American people and all those who just impeached his ass, and said "Oh by the way, America has a 300 billion dollar surplus" Bullshit !!!! you don't wait until a week before the White House door hits you in the ass to say that. I am convinced there was no surplus. Frankly, I am scared of all the candidates, especially the inexperienced dems and what they will do to take the remaining income I have, let the government rule my health care and open my borders up to whoever wants to come in (pssst....Obama is a liberal. Liberals like making criminals, illegals, rapist, murderers, and junkies out to be the victims, while the real victims have no rights)
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Post by djadonis206 » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:35 pm

Huey wrote:(pssst....Obama is a liberal. Liberals like making criminals, illegals, rapist, murderers, and junkies out to be the victims, while the real victims have no rights)

Actually he's a democrat - the Presidential candidate for the Libertarian party is Bob Barr (fyi)
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Post by mikemc » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:42 pm

man, they're *all* becoming the "ay yi yi" thread

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Post by Moody » Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:17 pm

The show must go on!
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Post by nathannn » Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:28 pm

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Re: He's Doomed

Post by Sleep Tyght » Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:11 pm

Huey wrote:What change???? Neither one, Clinton or Obama has presented a plan for this so called "change" The candidates are all bark and no substance. Obama=no experience and no plan. Clinton=no experience, no plan, only thinks of what is good for Hillary and not the American people. They both are eliquent speakers (replace the words Bullshitters if you like). They say what we want to hear. Either way, if Obama chooses Clinton, its a death sentence for their election.

None of the three will get my vote, because one will follow the same policies we already have and the other two lying jackasses who have not outlined how they will change jack shit or even put forth a plan to the people they are singing their song of hope too. It's amazing that the American people are buying into this shit these two spew.

I will exercise my right to not vote until someone says something substantial.

See this is the type of bullshit I've heard all day.

I don't...understand....

Exactly what makes "Americans" say such stupid uneducated shit. DO you realize HOW MANY TIMES Obama has stressed the numerous threads and meaning of his Plan for Change? JUST LAST NIGHT Obama spoke of what he meant by change.

But you see....

Some of us aren't the silly motherfuckers who'll just sit and listen to OUR CANDIDATE's speech while ignoring the ramblings of their opponents. I listened to Hillary's ignorant ass speech last night. I even tuned into McCain's rinky dink half-assed presentation, and believe me when I tell you his speech was straight GARBAGE. Anyway back to Obama...

Obama stated not only last night but NUMEROUS TIMES that one facet of his CHANGE PHILOSOPHY included not running a campaign AND ADMINISTRATION based on FEAR....but one based on HOPE. He stated that CHANGE WAS NEEDED because McCain would basically lead a 3rd Bush term that would continue to SCARE UP VOTES instead of leading people to vote with common sense. You live in AMERICA DON'T CHA? Well don't you remember how Bush won his second term? He scared the shit out of nitwit conservatives while claiming that America is under constant threat and only HE COULD SAVE US.


See that's what I hate about stupid motherfuckers. They don't seem to understand what was explained to us more than 20 years ago...

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate, and Hate leads to suffering

..and you wonder why there's so many dumb bitches running around claiming they won't vote for Obama because they don't know enough about him. Don't bullshit. We all know that translates into..."He's black, and I don't understand black people. Oabam shouldn't win because we don't know him. Oh shit he just won...HE CHEATED!!!!!! I'm gonna vote for McCain even though his position COMPLETELY DIFFERS from either Democratic candidate....oh and did I mention Obama's a closet Muslim???? Bush told us that all Muslims are evil, and I have to believe that because....

Well I don't understand Muslims either. I'm scared of what they'll do to us. Their religion calls for strapping bombs filled with shrapnel on themselves to inflict maximum damage to all those nearby. Yeah...I'd trust McCain anyday over that Barack guy".....

....even though McCain's track record on what to do about Iraq has been DEAD FUCKING WRONG since day 1 compared to Obama's votes. The troop surge is a highly debatable point though.

In short...STOP FUCKING SAYING that you don't know what Obama's change is if you haven't been to his site...or listened to one of his speeches...or ATTENDED one of his 20,000+ gatherings. For once...think like a grown fucking adult. I thought some of you would have learned after 8 years of complete bullshit handed to us by an incompetent leader. And if you wanna bitch about experience...what military experience does Clinton bring to the table? She purposely voted for the war in Iraq just to add SOME EXPERIENCE OF ANY KIND to her resume...and look how far that's gotten her?

Jesus just turn off the fucking reality shows and do a bit of research once in a while.
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Post by landrvr1 » Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:19 pm

....and don't forget.

Fear is the Mind Killer.

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Re: He's Doomed

Post by landrvr1 » Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:25 pm

Sleep Tyght wrote:Exactly what makes "Americans" say such stupid uneducated shit.

Lame. Double Lame. Lame-O. Lame-O-Rama

I was on a party boat down in Austin last week, when half-a-dozen Island Monkeys and I got to talking. Every one of them was going on about how great Boris was, how he's going to change London for the better, best Mayor of London ever, how they all voted for him, blah blah blah.

There's 2 points to be made here:

1. The amount of American Self-Loathing in this thread has reached an all time fucking high. Or low.

2.Saying and doing stupid, uneducated Shit is far - very, very far - from being the exclusive domain of we 'Americans'......

Go Boris! *yawn*

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Re: He's Doomed

Post by Sleep Tyght » Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:39 pm

landrvr1 wrote:
Sleep Tyght wrote:Exactly what makes "Americans" say such stupid uneducated shit.

Lame. Double Lame. Lame-O. Lame-O-Rama

To better illustrate my point.....

Do you have a library in your town? Do you have access to the internet? Well...obviously right? Is there a high school within 20 miles of your home? Did you go to college? Trade school?

Do you believe you need to go to college to educate yourself? I don't.

I did go to college though.

The only thing that's LAME is knowing that we're not living in a third world country, and some...MANY OF US are so afraid to actually smarten up. The possibilities to educate yourself are not so out of reach as say....being a female in Afghanistan and wanting to learn how to write your own name.

So yes. To this day we "Americans" are still saying stupid shit despite how easy it is to just...smarten up. Yeah that is pretty lame.
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Post by forge » Thu Jun 05, 2008 12:41 am

nathannn wrote:Image
FUCK N AY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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Re: He's Doomed

Post by Nogi » Thu Jun 05, 2008 1:58 am

Sleep Tyght wrote:So yes. To this day we "Americans" are still saying stupid shit despite how easy it is to just...smarten up. Yeah that is pretty lame.
Frustrating, but that's the beauty of stupidity - it is insular and unassailable using the weapons of intelligence - hence, the invention of the sharpened stick. The smug confidence of ignorance is a somfort, I'm sure, but it isn't something for which most would trade their ability to reason.
Huey wrote:I bet I know ...
I'm trying to think of something one could put at the end of that where I wouldn't take that bet.

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Post by nbr0118 » Thu Jun 05, 2008 3:46 am

b0unce wrote:Hillary appeals to working class white fucks.
that's what the televisual news-o-mongs say.
This comment may just encapsulate the general immaturity and irresponsible nature of this forum.

Why is it that any OT political thread always turns into casting white conservative Americans as general racists, bigots, sexists, ignorant assholes....whatever. While comments like these are welcome in a forum like this...try taking your rhetoric into any real world conversation/debate and you'd be hard pressed to hide the hypocrisy in your own statements. Since many of you are concerned with the "facts", try researching national giving levels as a % of GDP...and which states are in the top 10 for voluntary guessed it...Bible Belt states. That is astounding (not to mention that these states represent the lowest income level...I guess just because they are too stupid to find real jobs :roll: ) I'm not trying to trumpet these states or America in general as being this perfect nation, but that just goes to show how misunderstood Americans are...and any rational person realizes this.

Now about Obama. I am personally proud that a man like Obama has made it as far as he has...he represents just how far one can go...his presence and genuineness is undeniable. My disagreements with Obama are solely on the issues, and I guess his general outlook on the role of government. I think he only hurts the causes he wishes to enact with his policies.

I won't go into a long discussions of my support for John McCain, but within the context of this discussion (hope and change), I believe he has proven himself over and over that he knows what it takes to change things for the better. This guy foams at the mouth when the word "lobbyist" is mentioned, and doesn't think twice about angering those even within his own party if he thinks it is the right thing to do. I think many write him off just for the R in front of his name...but don't be surprised when he is giving Obama a run for his money.

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Post by liveISlife » Thu Jun 05, 2008 4:15 am

DjViral wrote:
liveISlife wrote:I may not have read an economy book and I may be uneducated but I do have eyes that look around and see shit. I see people struggling. I see people in fear of there own neighbors. I see kids popping any kind of prescription med u can think (prescribed and unprescribed) I see kids going through cookie cutter public schools that teach the most general curriculum in other words dumbing kids down. I see more people dieing from cancer then ever. I see people buying there over weight kids soda at the pizza shop. I see more and more people being pulled over by cops each year. I see millions of soldiers in iraq die. Not only our soldiers but iraq civilians which includes women and children. How can we go around spreading democracy when we can't even have a proper democratic election in this country. Cmon 304,249,871 people in the U.S. and what do I have to choose from? Three fucking soulless puppets. Wake the fuck up people this country is not what it used to be. The world fucking hates us because yes what we do does effect the world and we are currently fucking it up. Take your idiot looking american goggles off. Well if ur boy here gets in how bout we come back here and see how much hope has changed shit. It probably won't even matter he could start a new holocaust and kill 90% of the people in the world and you would just be like "YAY HOPE!"
hahahahaha a-fuckin-men
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