Tip for a one-key record process.

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Tip for a one-key record process.

Post by SongCarver » Wed Jul 03, 2002 10:59 pm

Hi there all

I've found a way to make it easy to record loops using one midi key press or event.

Useful if you want to play guitar at the same time or something and add loops together.

I use a tascam us 428 on the floor, i press the transport buttons with my toe.

This allows me to hit button 1, record, hit button1 again, playback.

then i jam a little till i find something i like. i press button 2, record that loop, press button 2 again, and continue to jam over my two loops i have just recorded.

All that time i have been monitoring thru live.

Want to know how??

How to:

Tools needed:
A midi keyboard or device for triggering
Possibly some midi patching software

1. create a sample of silence. set it to play 'toggle'. I called my sample 'bigspace'.

Set-up your track view to look like this picture


(at least the bits on the right)btw, rec1 track should be 'send only. The 'live FX send track lets you always have the same FX monitoring.

3. Now,

Now, set your keyboard/ midi box to transmit on multiple channels at the same time. eg ch1 and ch3. Or use a midi patching software thing to 'echo' midi events to another channel.

I use a great midi patchbay for os x by Pete Yendall, as pictured. It allows me to turn off midi echoeing for each channel so i can set up the midi scene triggers and record enable triggers separately.

[another option is to have your keyboard transmit octaves os something]

lets say we have three midi events we want to use.

'c3, d3 and e3'

Each of these will be for different loops.

(What would be cool would be to have an organists floor keyboard, giving you and octave and a half)


Set you MIDI events c3 d3 and e3 on ch 1 to trigger scene 1,2 3. Now on your echoed channel, use the same notes to trigger the record enable of 'rec2, rec3 and rec 4.


Now, arm 'rec 1' track as per the picture.

You will be mnotiring thru this track, when you hit c3, the track will commence recording. hit c3 again and it will commence playback and record-enable rec2 track. you may now continue to play whilst monitoring thru live.

Hitting d3 will now trigger, and finish recording.

etc and onwards.

This is a very flexible set-up, i have put a lot of time into this.


You can still assign keys, ASCII or MIDI to the individual slots.
You can set this up with an extra blank slot under each track cluster if you want to only have your most reccent loop playing.

Try this one out, I have only tested it on MAC OS X.

Any questions??

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Post by SongCarver » Wed Jul 03, 2002 11:06 pm


proper url =

got to


and dowload or preview 'answer.jpg'

And check out my track 'giving time'!

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Re: Tip for a one-key record process.

Post by The Carpet Cleaner » Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:24 pm

:( I though it was a tip to make a full track with a one-key process.

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Re: Tip for a one-key record process.

Post by nuxnamon » Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:58 am

Nuthin like hitting the old 428 with the toe trick. No footswitch needed.

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