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Moody wrote:Austin used to be great and it still has its moments. It has become the new LA, so to speak and I really don't like LA. The one thing you get there is a lot more music types will travel through the area.(Squarepusher did Austin, that has to say something but, the electronic scene in general has become very strange in TX since the RAVE Act) It does get really hot but, this is not a problem if you know where to go to chill for the peak hours of the day. Of course all of my spots have been over run and become bacteria ses pools. They will never find my new hideaway. The strrange thing about this year is it did not start getting to hot in TX until a few weeks ago. Anybody else think the Julian Calendar has a few flaws?

New hideaway? Hmmm.

Yeah, I can see the attraction with Austin. I think what initially attracted so many folks in the last 10 years was that it had the university, and was cheap as a motherfucker to live there. Not anymore, though. Did some house pricing whilst down there last.


Holy shit. You'd never think there was a massive slump in the housing market going on if you just looked at Austin's prices...

Of course, it must be said that Austin Vintage Guitars is just the fucking coolest guitar shop I've ever been to.....


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Been there while touring in 2002ish with a industrial band. Had a good scene then and I had a good time. A friend moved there about 8 months ago and loves it. I would not move there.
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i came here from boulder, colorado. my job moved me. it took about two years to recover from the culture shock. been 5 years now. it's been a good move for me, but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone else--or vouch for the state of texas.


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Steers & Queers.
spreader of butter

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b0unce wrote:Steers & Queers.

A Momentary Lapse of Reason.


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Post by john gordon » Sun Jul 20, 2008 6:28 pm i cant decide...

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I am currently in the Amazon (hurray for satellite internerz), but I live in Austin for most of the year. I try to
get out of Texas for at least a quarter of the year because of the heat.
Austin is okay, the bus system is decent, there are festivals here all the
time, but yes it is becoming somewhat LA-ish and not in a good way. High
rises for yuppies are mushrooming by the dozens, and the lack of diversity
is a real problem. IH35 serves as a racial barrier in the city, or at least for
low-income families. The city is rapidly changing, but it is still a nice place
to live when you find your niche. I would personally get out of the US if
I had the opportunity, but that is a different question/post. However, Austin
is the best city to live in if you are in Texas. I would avoid Houston at all

If you enjoy parks, Austin has a few nice ones and the city is close to some
natural beauties, but remember, it is Texas so don't get your hopes up.

I believe you, John Gordon, really enjoy girls, and Austin has PLeeeeenty
of those waiting to be your next victims. The music scene here could be
better, but it is Austin, and you wouldn't have too much trouble finding a
place to play/Dj.

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Well, yes. The girls.

There's hot chicks running around in short shorts year round, so - um - I suppose that's reason enough to make Austin your destination.



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Post by Damon_Chambers » Sun Jul 20, 2008 8:25 pm

i live in south east texas, and very much want to move to austin. if you want to live in an music friendly city where you have opportunity (especially electronic music) then austin is your place. dallas is also nice, but i think the austin area offers a LOT more due to the part of texas it is located in. you have a great lake very close by, as well as lots of hill country you can explore.

i do agree about all the austin people thinking its the greatest place on earth. it is a bit overated, but, to me, the city and its surrounding area is a great place to visit and i wish we could move there.

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I lived in Austin (34th and Duval) for a few months and left.

I basically agree with the synopsis of it being a place where affluent white liberals congratulate each other. It is now severely gentrified as well -- working artists basically can't afford to live in the desirable areas -- and certainly they can't own there. It's also one of the most racially-segregated cities I've ever seen. Basically everybody I know who wants to move there, now, are yuppies who like really boring indie rock. (edit: no offense if you want to move there and this doesn't describe you. Just what I've seen on the wind, that's all.)

Some nice things about it: South Austin/UT/North Campus/Hyde Park (what people think of when they say "Austin") is a wonderful contiguous series of neighborhoods. It's also nice to be able to go cliff climbing within the city limits, since greenbelts run through the heart of the city.

I prefer Houston, myself. The fastest-growing city in the US, rated the best place to make money from nothing, and extremely, extremely diverse. If you live inside the loop it's also very easy to get around. (Because its core identity is that of a working town, it's very underrated by hipsters, and I like it that way.) Also, landrvr, if you liked the food in Austin, you'd love the food in Houston.


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landrvr1 wrote:Not for long....

:lol: :lol: :lol:

While we're photoshoppin' inna blockbuster movie style:


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Post by Moody » Mon Jul 21, 2008 3:39 pm

Houston Electronic Scene


Ableton’s engineers are hard
at work developing code that will allow our software to predict the future, but we don’t
anticipate having this available until at least the next major release.

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We're leaving Austin in 2 weeks for grad school in NY. We've been doing Live AV performances here for close to 3 years. The scene isn't exactly bumping. Nearly everybody in Austin who isn't mining some country music niche is just playing blooze.

Crowds, clubs, and cops are usually suspicious of new music here. They like it tried and true. You can still see some knockout things here though, but not every weekend. And if you want to get the most out of the city (i.e. playing shows and getting out to shows everywhere), you really do need a car.

And there are no good music stores anywhere here. The blooze thing has ruined them all. Get ready to order everything you need off the internet.
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nice photoshops!

if you have to be in Texas, might as well be Austin, sounds like Texas without the steers.
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