how can I leave the US?

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Post by j2j » Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:55 pm

landrvr1 wrote:
Machinesworking wrote:
landrvr1 wrote:blah blah blah.....



Yeah. Makes perfect sense.

Again, you avoid like the plague my point about US foreign policy, and centering completely on the US economy etc. You're the lone voice here, defending US economic wealth, which makes about as much sense as anything else you've posted.
The rest of this is in a PM..... forum is in embers as it is..

Do you know why you're such a fucking asshole?

For all your bluster and bullshit about how I'M not interested in a discussion or true exchange of ideas, you are exactly the same as I. The only difference is that you use less sarcasm and foul language than me. Oh, and zero humor. Like leisureMuffin, you just have no sense of humor whatsoever. What you're all about is simple: You love to fucking argue. You love talking AT people as opposed to having a true back and forth. You aren't interested one fucking bit in what people have to say. You simply require that they follow the same droll, humorless, pseudo intellectual, pseudo reasoned format that you do when engagement begins. You've got some kind of fucked up sense of forum etiquette in which your delicate sensibilities get offended whenever someone is loud. And within an unmoderated forum, FFS. You like things to be nice and mannered, while at the same time completely fucking not listening to what anyone is saying. That's it. That's all your about. What drives you crazy is that I'm just like you, only much more witty. And more handsome too.

The proof of what I say is simple, actually. You don't have an ounce of fucking humility. The word humble isn't even in your vocabulary. You are always TOTALLY CORRECT and the other person is TOTALLY WRONG.

I have never seen you concede a point to anyone. Not one fucking time. Jesus H Christ. Not even one 'good point' or 'that's an interesting statement' or 'hey, I didn't think about it that way'. Oh no, sir. Not you. God forbid you would actually admit you're wrong on something. The fucking Earth would move, no doubt. Hell, Tone is easily as intelligent as you are and can be a real ass, but the guy has an open fucking mind and has stated many times in threads that he's learned something. FFS, even fucking b0unce has conceeded a point or two.

And you cherry pick your fucking arguments too, which is just another sign that you are only looking to argue. You'll find one sentence out of 3 paragraphs and go after it like a pit bull. Often times it's a minor fucking point, but that doesn't stop you. Most times you've utterly missed the point altogether and just go on some meaningless tangent that you've invented. Case in Point: Reasons that people want to move to America. Which wasn't a part of my statement at all. You just fucking argue and argue and argue and argue. You never shut the fuck up. It's The Last Word Syndrome. It would be cool if you had a sense of humor and threw in a joke or two, but that's just too much to ask. It's nonstop relentless motherfucking boring pseudo intellectualism at it's worse. The conversation about Quantum Mechanics was perfect evidence of this. God. Laughable. I'm going to print your comments and frame them. They are just so excellently stupid.

I'm the same way in many respects. What's pathetic is that you call me out for it, yet are really just another side of the same coin.

And don't ever fucking PM me again you asshole.

Oh, and is there One FUCKING SUBJECT ON THIS PLANET THAT YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT IN, FFS? God. From Microwave ovens to fission to Latvia's political history to kitty kat grooming to V8 engine performance to Global Warming to Cheesecake to whatever the fuck. Just an expert at everything. You're just another fucking Brainiac. The interwebs are full of them.

A little humility. It's out there for you. Find a little piece of it while you can. It'll do wonders.

And the desperation to prove to everyone how intelligent you are for a fucking house painter is getting old. The 'look at me, look at me! I'm the new Renaissance Manual Labor Man. I can hold an edge bead AND talk Quantum Mechanics at the same time' routine is tired. Time to take that fucker outside and bury it in the backyard.


welcome to the internet...

would you like to try this website where the moronic behavior can really impress....

You think is going to make you pissed off?

You aint seen nothing yet.
too many lasers...

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Post by djsynchro » Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:06 pm

Before you leave VOTE OBAMA!!!
He da man.

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Post by ThrowAway » Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:28 am

landrvr1 wrote:Back to my original post.

Again, if it's such a shithole here than why do people still come in droves?

The reasons for coming here are fucking insignificant. They want to come, and that's enough. I never said that the ethics or behavior of a nation played a part in their decision process. Show me where I said that. Of course people come here because the USA is a wealthy nation. That's stating the fucking obvious, God help me. They aren't flocking to Haiti FFS. There's wealth and prosperity here, and people want a chance at getting a piece of it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some of you assholes actually seem to think that wanting to move to the States for purely economic reasons is a CRIME. That it's somehow DIRTY. That's an elitist attitude if there ever was one. God. It's not even elitist. Frankly, I don't know WHAT the fuck kind of attitude that is, but it's ugly and cynical as a motherfucker.

And the notion that our wealth and prosperity is nothing but the result of evil? That it's all ill-gotten gains? Or that most of it is the result of us being corrupt to the core? Hopelessly, unbelievably, wildly, fantastically stupid. If you actually believe that, I'll personally pay for your fucking plane ticket outta here, no worries. You're a fucking pathetic moron and deserve everything that The New Europa has to offer.

Oh, and by the way. There's a million fucking reasons that people want to come here. Some want to escape oppressive governments. Some want to flee rampant fucking crime and lawlessness. Some want to flee religious or cultural persecution. Some want to get a decent education for themselves or their kids. Some just want a chance to own an iPhone without paying rates that are fucking criminal. Yes, it could certainly be said that all of these reasons and more are the result of us being a wealthy nation. Again, that's stating the fucking obvious in a way that is both pedestrian and painful. To suggest that it's purely for economic reasons is dumb. Plain dumb, actually. Not even 'creative in a pinky up the asshole whilst standing on your head' dumb. Nope. Just plain dumb.

And it's not just the States. They want to move to Canada and half-a-dozen Europa countries as well. Just not as much. Not even close. And have any of you reviewed the immigration policies of some of these countries in Europa? Positively Draconian by comparison. Fuck. The Dutch were THROWING OUT Muslims left and right. No review process. No hearing. They're in good company. Germany, the UK, Spain - fuck all of them - have been quietly (and not so quietly) expelling Muslims for the past 3 years. Whole families and extended families. For the flimsiest of evidence. Britain is actually the worst offender. For all you're love of the so-called Progressive Gordon fucking Brown, he's still head of the most oppressive Western government in 25 years. The British privacy laws make the toughest points of the Patriot Act seem like after school suspension FFS.

Remember douchebags, I never gave a reason why people want to move here. Machinesworking and others can't stand the truth in what I say, and begin clutching the world's tiniest straws. Typical.

The irony that a bunch of whiny pampered white fuckwits can't wait to leave the States; while a whole mess of poor latinos can't wait to get in, is stunning.


Cant argue with that. For me personally, though, I want to see what else is out there and experience other cultures good, bad and indifferent. Thats why I set myself up in a trade where the opportunity to travel is abundant and I dont need to speak the same language to get the work done. I like traveling and seeing all the touristy spots and bs but I want to experiance some day to day culture as well. I dont want to move out permanently just six months to year here and there. Does that make me spoiled? I put a fuck ton of work into it already and I still have a year or so to go before i can do it all smoothly. I dont see something inherently bad about wanting to move out of the us, though.

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Post by morerecords » Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:50 am

There has got to be something better than this, there must be higher calibur people elsewhere.

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Post by Moody » Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:58 am

morerecords wrote:There has got to be something better than this, there must be higher calibur people elsewhere.
Higher calibur in what fields? Not everybody is an overall genius. What are you really running from? Take a trip and keep asking yourself that question.
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Post by landrvr1 » Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:00 am

This thread is just another example of the age old Live forum problem. If you don't jump on the AMERICA SUCKS AND EVERYWHERE ELSE IS WONDERFUL bandwagon you're labeled an asshole. Fucking pathetic. I'm willing to bet that most of you fucknuts have never even lived outside of the US. And I'm not talking a 2 week granola inspired backpack hike from horrid hostel to another. No. Actually living and working somewhere outside of the States. I've lived in London, Berlin, and have travelled on business to more places in a fucking month that 99% of you will do in a fucking lifetime. I can tell you that there's nothing fucking magical about living 'elsewhere'.

This notion that Europa is full of uber-progressive people who all have open minds, are highly educated, and extremely tolerant is so fucking far from the truth that it boggles the mind. Some of the most closed-minded assholes that I've ever met are to be found in a large swath between Berlin and Paris. My god. It's like the Deep South; only with a different set of accents and fresh loaves of bread. Better cheese, too. There's still an astounding level of anti-Semitism throughout Europe. And the most Xenophobic people I've ever met? Oooo, that's easy. The Japanese. I had to spend a month there a couple of years back, and it's astonishing how fucking racist these people are. Basically, if you're Asian but non-Japanese, you're cleaning the fucking toilets. The contempt that many of them have towards Filipinos in particular would make hardcore members of the Aryan Nation blush.

God you people are so fucking naive. Here's a great place to start your edumacation: ... ands.islam

Look at that racist fucking asshole!!! Holy Fucking SHIT!!!! And if you think this guy's nothing but a fluke, think again. He's got a shitload of motherfucking racist asshole followers all over the Netherlands and Europa. I could give you 20 more examples in the hour of how the Ultra Right Wing Movement that has found wonderful new ground throughout Europa. Just say the word, assholes, and your edumacation can continue. Fucking pompous diluted twats. Yeah. Europa. So tolerant. So progressive. So loving. Let's face it: If Germany thought they could get away with it they'd try killing the Jews all over again. The bonus is that they'd have a few Muslims to throw into the ovens as well. yippee. Go Europa!

You assholes have this beautiful, soft lighting, harp playing dream of how wonderful and divine it is anywhere outside of the US. You couldn't be more wrong. But hey, I'm not going to convince you. Move to fucking Denmark or Germany or Poland. You'd better be white and educated and work for a big US company who can swing you a work visa, however. Because if not, they're going to run your ass out on a rail.

I'm not here Defending the Grand Old USofA. Waving my Flag and Blasting the Country Music and Cranking Rush Limbaugh. That's how you assholes want to paint me, because it's convenient and easy and cheap and - worst of all - fucking lazy. There's real fucking problems here. Nor have I stated that the USA IS THE GREATEST PLACE TO LIVE IN THE WORLD. I've never said that. Not here. Not anywhere. Nope. That's what you cunts want to read into it because you all fucking can't stand it when someone actually defends anything about the US. There's dozens upon dozens of posts in which I blast this country - both it's domestic and foreign policies. But I also recognize that it's a pretty fucking amazing place to live. For reasons too numerous to get into.

You don't like it here? Again, get the fuck out or STFU.

If you want to live somewhere else for a new experience and to learn, that's fucking awesome. I've done that, and it was very rewarding. I don't hate other places. Not at all. I don't hate Europe. I hate the rosy motherfucking picture that people paint of the place. It's so far from fucking reality. I also hate their pampered white boy holier-than-thou attitudes, but that's another story. Oh, and European Techno just wants to make me fucking vomit, but that's yet anooooother story.

If any of you whiners do manage to make it over to Europa, can you do me a HUGE favor? Can you please tell the Europeans that Techno died a horrible death in a Brooklyn basement about 5 years ago?

I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


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Post by leisuremuffin » Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:11 am

you do come off as a butthurt conservative most of the time.

the ar
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Post by the ar » Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:11 am

I have to agree to with my mate landrvr: the whole fucking world is a shithole run by racist, intolerant and rich lobbyist bastards.
It's the twentieth century, baby.

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Post by landrvr1 » Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:12 am

leisuremuffin wrote:you do come off as a butthurt conservative most of the time.




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Post by landrvr1 » Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:30 am

jamester wrote: That's all well and good, but the problem of illegal immigration with Mexico has nothing to do with the cruxt of this thread. It's a seperate issue entirely; I don't think those of us here expressing frustration/disatisfaction with the U.S.'s current socio-political climate are doing so primarily based on the illegal Mexicans.
Correct, and I certainly wasn't saying that you or anyone else were connecting the two issues. I used the fact that tens of thousands are coming into this country every year to start a new life, and that it was pure Irony when you look at it from the point of view of someone who's just sooooooo disgusted that he/she wants to leave.
FWIW, I have no problem with Mexican immigrants; my beef lies more with the US businesses who undercut fair/legal wages to Americans by hiring the illegals for pay which is both below scale and under the table. They are the "bad guys", and they're the ones who should be fined/punished. The reality is it's never even been enforced until about a year ago when this became the new "abortionesque" hot-topic talking point for the Right.

But hey, I understand nobody wants to pay a couple bucks an apple. So if it's grown here it's picked by illegals for criminaly low wages, or else it's shipped here from China. And as our cost-of-living ever skyrockets, this is not going to change. But I digress....
You digress, but into important territory. I'm for Open Borders, but with conditions and smart practices. With the possible exception of China, the US has more job opportunities and less unemployment than practically any other nation per capita. There's a job here for pretty much anyone who wants it. A true Open Borders policy would fill those jobs with willing and able workers from Mexico, give them at least a workers green card, and pave the way for what could be a phenominal US/Mexico partnership. It would also allow the US government to tax these individuals so there would be at least some give and take in terms of jobs/education/healthcare. Whether or not they'd have voting rights is another matter. The ideal situation would be an Open Door for anyone that wants to work. You get a workers green card and fall under US labor laws. Then you get citizenship if you so desire - and a chance to vote. Dunno. Something along those lines, anyway. And who knows? It might even lead to once again opening some factories up in Mexico instead of China. But THAT's a whole other story.

I actually apologize for the xenophobic charge; it was based on what I remembered to be a French-bashing rant from the Place Your Bets thread. However, having re-read it I see that I misinterpreted your intention.
No problem and no need to apologize. I'm not Xenophobic in the least. What I do hate are elitist and pompous attitudes. Both the flag waving Right Wing kind here at home, and the USA hating pampered Euro kind abroad. Especially the pampered Euro kind.


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Post by Machinesworking » Mon Aug 25, 2008 4:58 am

Machinesworking wrote: Again, WTF does immigration to the USA have to do with reasons to want to leave the USA?
landrvr1 wrote: Again, if it's such a shithole here than why do people still come in droves?
Rhetorical question much? Do you realize how goofy this looks if you just boil it down to your point VS mine? You're the one accusing others of thinking this place is a shithole. I have constantly stated my position on the US, great place to live wouldn't want to be our neighbor, especially if it's a third world country rich in resources. Plus as a citizen of another country you have no effect on the politics of this country. Post bellow should have been IMO /thread.
MartinOM28V wrote:The only solution to the collective idiocy of we Americans (and Europeans too, don't kid yourselves) is to quit the navel-gazing and finger-pointing and turn our attention to the desperate suffering of the planet. The West is rapidly becoming a little island of plenty in a sea of poverty. It doesn't need to be that way.

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Post by 3dot... » Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:26 am

just turn OFF the TV...
no need to leave the country...
TV is a mind killer...

there is no 'intelligent' country ... people are people...
majority of people are either stupid or just don't give a damn...
the world is filled with dumb everything...
Asians Europeans Americans S.Americans Africans Australians etc. ...

you want to surround yourself with intelligent people....
get accepted to a good school ...

"You're running away, but you can't run away from yourself ..." - Bob Marley.

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landrvr1 wrote:This thread is just another example of the age old Live forum problem. If you don't jump on the AMERICA SUCKS AND EVERYWHERE ELSE IS WONDERFUL bandwagon you're labeled an asshole. Fucking pathetic. I'm willing to bet that most of you fucknuts have never even lived outside of the US. And I'm not talking a 2 week granola inspired backpack hike from horrid hostel to another. No. Actually living and working somewhere outside of the States. I've lived in London, Berlin, and have travelled on business to more places in a fucking month that 99% of you will do in a fucking lifetime. I can tell you that there's nothing fucking magical about living 'elsewhere'.


I'm so impressed with that, that I still don't want to give you a blow job.
Fucking Tosser.
Somewhere between a rock and a hard place is actually nowhere.

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Post by Hoitabuam » Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:19 pm

Baron von Case wrote:There are idiots everywhere. It's not the US's problem. It's humanity's.

You just tend to attract them, I'm sure, because you're one yourself.
The truth!

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Post by landrvr1 » Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:01 pm

The Face of The New Europa:


Gotta wonder what this asshole's Muslim body count would be if he had access to some serious fucking military hardware....

Well done, people. Well done.


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