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Intro the Max for Live Class -- web based!

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:30 pm
by arock*

Hey Ableton users! Tired of using the same plugins everyone else uses? Looking for a way to take your sound to places others haven't gone before? Want to control your Live sets with a smart phone? How about wobbling a filter's cut-off frequency — just by waving your hand? Or creating live visuals effects based on your tracks right inside Ableton itself?

You can do all this with Max for Live — and on March 5th, all Ableton Suite users will be getting Max for Live free as a part of Live 9. Now is the time to accelerate your trip up the learning curve and learn to take Ableton to places it was never designed to go.

This class is for Live users of all experience levels. If you've never used Max before, no worries — we are going to start at the beginning in this hands-on, web-based workshop. You'll learn to get comfortable in Max for Live, how to build new devices that hijack Live and put you in control. By the end of this class, you'll leave with a bunch of powerful Max for Live tools, including ways to hook up a camera and smart phone to your Live sessions, unusual tools for sculpting new sounds, and a few secret weapons we're excited to surprise you with to add to your production and performance arsenal.