Looking for a Collab in/around Zürich

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Looking for a Collab in/around Zürich

Post by Zyko1 » Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:26 pm

Hi there

would very like to meet other abletoners from switzerland if there are any...? ;)
I imagine jamsession we could do together, maybe even hookup our Equipment together.
i have the full Hands-on Equipment including the PUSH, so it's not necessary that you bring your own gear.
I especially like drum and bass, but i am fully open minded to any other genre. there is so much to explore that i didn't do yet, as i startet early this year with musicmaking. but i would say i have a good knowledge already of ableton, so you won't meet a total noob ;-)
if you're interested in what i've done to These days, please visit: https://soundcloud.com/user456704776
but just to explain, thats only a testaccount and all tunes up there are considered "tests", nothing i would seriously release or Show anyone. just to give u an Impression what could be achieved by jamming together with me :) all tunes were made on the fly using the push and my other gear, no concept, every tune was done in one night session.


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