][ WAYFORWARD 003 - minimal computer musik - Freiburg, DE

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][ WAYFORWARD 003 - minimal computer musik - Freiburg, DE

Post by three » Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:04 pm

Hey everyone,

this coming Saturday djLAPCORE (lapcore.de) and I (verschallert.com) will be putting on WAYFORWARD 003. This is the third in an ongoing event series where we've been pushing and prodding at the limits of what you can do in a club.

As this is (for the moment) largely a DJ gig, the sound will be coming out of traktor. But Ableton will be driving some of the visual elements of the show. Hurricane, our homemade video synthesizer, will be decorating the White Rabbit Club and tickling your your optic nerve as at all ][wayforward events - I can't wait to show those of you who've been there before the new version. It kicks ass, and we were able to incorporate a lot of your comments.

Feel free to ping me with questions, would love to see some of you there that I haven't met before. (If you're somewhere in southern Germany or northwest Switzerland and want to come and would need a place to crash, I can likely help you. PM me.)

Here's the Flyer for anyone that wants to print their own. I'll give anyone who does and says they come from the Ableton forums free entrance.




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