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Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 2:56 pm
by jok
This forum is a place to discuss technical problems with Live.

If you experience a particular problem that requires complex
troubleshooting or research, please contact
directly. Make sure you include the information and files listed here:

When you post about a problem in this forum, it is helpful to include information
about your computer/operating system and your version of Live. If 3rd
party products like plug-ins or hardware are involved, please include
information on the exact versions of the plug-ins/drivers.

Please do not hijack other user's threads unless you are 100% sure that you
are experiencing the exact same issue. Otherwise please open your own thread.

For general questions concerning basic setup and functionality, please
visit our Support section, containing FAQs, movies and tutorials:

First aid: Make sure that your setup is up-to-date.
You can download the latest version(s) of Live here:

If 3rd party hardware or software is involved, please check the
manufacturer´s homepage and make sure that you are using the latest updates.

"Don´t Sweat the Technique" - (Eric B & Rakim).

Best regards,