VST does't respond to all midi envelopes

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VST does't respond to all midi envelopes

Post by Dexes » Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:01 pm

When using the audiorealism bassline 2 with live 7.0.10 it doesn't respond to all the midi envelopes.

Tune / Cutoff / Resonance / Env Mod / Decay / Accent / Drive / Distort are set to midi cc 107-114.
When recording the envelopes from the controler all the parameters work just fine. but when I play the clips, the ABL just seems to ignore some of the envelopes. I've also tried creating a seperate midi dummy clip that sends the midi to the ABL track for each parameter, but it still ignores parts.

Could this be linked to the CC #s I use? But if it is, why is there no problem when the commands are sent from the controler and where could the midi signals leak to if the output of a dummy clip is set to the ABL track exclusively?