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envelops automation on a an already record midi clip

Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 2:44 pm
by isham

Hello !
I've tried to find the information on the site but I'm a little bit lost... I'm using live 7.0.10 with oxygen 8 v.1 (usb connected) + Esi m8u midi interface + Studio electronics se-1x.

Everything is working like a charm (can record midi, manipulate some controlers I assigned for the SE), but once the midi clip is recorded (note on/off) and I try to add some automation (filters...) it's heard when it's playing but once I try to record some automations it : doesn't respond and record these envelops..
Is the only trick is to record these automations to an other midi clip on an other track ?
Please guide me even to the right post/manual page...
thanks a lot !