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Power consume of unused insert-effects

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2002 4:40 pm
by Achtelbass
Hi, i have now updatet to 1.1. My Problem is not solved. The prob is, that in Session Mode insert-effekts in tracks, wich not contain samples in the aktual row, consume extremly more power (indikator and windows monitor). In some cases it is so much (depends on regular power consumtion of the effekt and how many effekts serial), that Asio begins to crackle.

I use the Wami-Box with Asio 2.0 and a 750 Mhz PIII Notebook with 128 Mb Ram.

Also i tried to use incremental Midi-Controler (Native Instruments 4Control). The Controler-Number was lerned by LIVE, but the Fader doesn´t move right. Is there any trick?


Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2002 7:13 pm
by Achtelbass
I wonder, that nobody knows this problem. The effekt is on all my computers (PC) in all driver configurations (Asio2, DX, MME) the same.

My solution is to set a "Dummie"-sample in the empty fields. This sample m u s t contain any data, if all samplewords set to zero, the effekt is the same as above. I use now a noise sample (mono -80 dB) on the empty fields. The effekts have now something to "eat" and the green meter keeps cool its 20 %.


Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2002 10:12 pm
by Achtelbass
Hi, i'am again...

now i think i have the solution: The effekt with much power consumtion is only with "Autofilter" at the first position of inserts. The other effekts are ok. If there is for example "Simple Delay" (dry only) before "Autofilter" then the green Indikator keeps cool. A short peak after a while comes also with the vst-plug "freeverb2" (nice for frozen reverbs). May be it's a question of algorithm? Sorry for the bad englisch.