CPU spikes, major issues, is ableton usable ?

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CPU spikes, major issues, is ableton usable ?

Post by iskandar » Fri Apr 10, 2009 1:07 am

I just got back into using live, Version 7. started from Version 4....paid for the upgrade as i have time to get back into music production yay.... anyway

I'm having a lot of trouble trying to make a track,just one or two Vsts max out the cpu and the playback of audio at various points in the track suddenly crawl along.
I have all the usual things turned off, firewall,wireless,unplugged external drives etc

Also watching the video on the Ableton website of the guy making a track i noticed his cpu hitting over 50% and he was only using very basic instruments and audio tracks with some effects.

I love ableton for the way i can sketch out tracks but i don't want to go back using version 4/5 to get it running smooth.

Im using a PC, office xp with dual core and 2 gig ram.
Vsts im using are
String Stuido

I tried the same type of project in Samplitude 10 demo and i had
1xstring studio

and the cpu/audio playback was fine.