Annoying bug triggering Live 8 externally

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Annoying bug triggering Live 8 externally

Post by l-rs » Sun May 31, 2009 1:09 pm


I use a TR-707 as an external clock to trigger both my pc with Live 8 and my TB-303. The 707 is a great 'transition device' because it has both MIDI and DIN/SYNC.

Anyhoo... In Live 7 this was no problem: select EXT, you're good to go. Now with Live 8 (same setup, same settings) just clicking EXT doesn't work anymore. I have to go into audio settings, switch DirectMusic to MME and back again (I sometimes see the STOP square flicker for a moment) and only then will it listen to my start/stops from the 707.

Anyone with a similar (not necessarily 707 based) setup to trigger Live externally? And problems with EXT not working? Since the setup is identical (and it still works in lower versions) I'm sure this is a Live 8 bug.

After the whole DirectMusic/MME/DirectMusic routine, EXT keeps working.

I have mailed Ableton about some bugs, including this one, but they've only answered part of them (no solution for any by the way). I'm a patient man and I can of course always mail them again, but the last mail I sent them was on May 14th and no answer. :|

Somehow I guess people in the same situation might have a usable 'real world' answer.
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