Live crashed my files... and old problems... :+(((((((((((

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Live crashed my files... and old problems... :+(((((((((((

Post by setfan » Sat Aug 21, 2004 11:15 am

Hi Guys,

Typing the message second time... page crashes... :x

I have big problems with Live, new problems and old problems:

Well, Live crashed all my last projects if i use midi files which trig my Yamaha AN200. Live seems, too, being a little heavy on CPU with VST synths:

The projects have:

1 audio track with one loop.
2 Synth1
1 Vanguard
1 Polyblit
1 freealpha
With some VST effects.
And 4 other midi tracks playing drums&chords on my AN200
All of them cost nearly to 70-75 % on my cpu...

I lost many hours of work, tried with other way to work, saved under other names, etc... It corrupts all my saved files and doesn't want to load them again.

Old problem i wanted to contact again the support as i never solve it:
Live start to lag after 35 minutes playing. It lags when it loops.

I have no such problems with other apps (ACID, CUBASIS, CONSOLE, STORM...).
Here is again my configuration:

Win XP family edition 2002, service pack 1
Athlon 2800+, 2,08 GHZ
1 GO of RAM
Graphic board is a RADEON 9200 SE
Audio card is a creamware audiocard LUNA2
HD 110GO +1 HD 75GO

My Live is registered. I have yes plenty of plugins and all registered and they don't cause any problems with other apps.
I'm really found of Live and really want this great piece of code be working. I spent some money for and really like the way you can work and it's audio engine;... But i hope to finnally solve these problems.
Kind regards
7fan / Xavier Bottet

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Post by peeddrroo » Sat Aug 21, 2004 12:19 pm

something you can try: convert your midi files into clips. it can be tedious, but it reduces the size of the .als file, and hence (i think) the processing needed.
you can do it by creating a new midi track and put its input to the track where your midi file is playing. then record clips of the mifi file playing.