workflow dilemma with group tracks

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workflow dilemma with group tracks

Post by bland_handl » Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:18 pm

IDEA: I'm trying to set up a group track where I can be playing an audio clip > then switch to an empty midi clip inside the group to be able to record an improvisation of the same material > then switch back to the audio clips
BUT midi overdub doesn't work when triggering that midi clip with the group play button unless "record on scene launch" preference is active

SO: actvate scene launch pref (and stops become record buttons)
BUT triggering other grouped clips when not overdubbing causes loads of empty recordings and the appearance of more group play buttons that play silence

SO: remove stop buttons on the midi track, so that random recordings won't be made
BUT newly recorded midi parts won't stop when triggering group clips causing simultaneous clips to be playing

Seems I'm stuck either way... anyone have any ideas?