Live 8 MIDI clip records unwanted MIDI CC data

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Live 8 MIDI clip records unwanted MIDI CC data

Post by Jabbon » Thu Feb 04, 2010 8:15 am

Hello there, confused if to post here or in the m4l section, kind of in between.

L 8.1.1
Max 5.1.2
Macbook 2 GHz 2 GB RAM

OS X 10.4.11
Remote Zero

So,when trying to record MIDI CCs in a MIDI clip (operation made possible by the use of m4l to map parameters to parameters), Live records MIDI CCs too which are absolutely not moved.
So for example I want to record the movement of knob 1 on my MIDI Controller.
I would expect only this CC to be recorded, instead I get many CCs recorded, even if these are not assigned to anything.
I tried this with a ReMote Zero, an Evolution , and the panel from the Virus b, and the results are always the same.
This is a pain, because , when things are assigned, then things which I do not want to move get moved...!!!

Honestly it is also THE feature (in my opinion) of Max, to control Live, but if I get 64 CCs recorded, when I move just one, then it clearly doesn´t work.

I also experienced the following, and it is driving me crazy.
It is apparently impossible to send the same value from the same HW CC to a m4l patch in Live.
Somehow it seems to filter repetitions of MIDI CCs, so if I send 2 times value 127 from knob 1, Live will respond only the first time the value is sent, NOT the second. The yellow MIDI indicator flashes, but in the m4l patch a bang connected works only once.
The same patch responds correctly when used only via Max.
I have the feeling that this was not in Live 7, although there was no m4l to try it out and confirm it.

Have I met a bug on my way, or there are really these limitations?

thanks J.

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Re: Live 8 MIDI clip records unwanted MIDI CC data

Post by zvukofor » Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:12 am

Seems like i have the same situation. I have a BCR and TouchOSC controllers, all knobs assigned to different parameters in synths, and recording only one CC brings this horrible mess — all other ??s are recorded at static values along the clip, so i cannot change them when it in play mode... not a great thing, especially because i prefer to work live...
Ane suggestions? ))

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Re: Live 8 MIDI clip records unwanted MIDI CC data

Post by daborman » Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:26 pm


I have just realise that when you create a midi clip (double click) everything works ok.
But when you record (Pressing the dot instead of creating a clip, every knob that you've edit previously on your synth are automaticaly insert in the clip midi controller modulation.

I don't know if it supose to be this way?? But I take me 3 day the figure it out


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Re: Live 8 MIDI clip records unwanted MIDI CC data

Post by rin-suke » Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:32 pm


seem to have the same issue.
anyone solved this?