Strange Behavior when using MIDI Keyrange to Clip Transpose

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Strange Behavior when using MIDI Keyrange to Clip Transpose

Post by UnderwaterSunlight » Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:07 pm

Hello all.

I get unexpected behavior when using MIDI-Keyrange-to-Clip Transpose Mapping.

This concerns in my case a Windows XP SP3 PC. (I use Live 8.1.1.)

Here I am outlining how to reproduce/replicate this troublesome issue:

1) New live Set.

2) Drag the following Live Device onto a MIDI Track:
Live Devices\Instruments\Impulse\"Backbeat Room"

3) In Session View: Right-click the uppermost/first slot on this MIDI Track and perform "Insert MIDI Clip"

4) This new clip has to be set to loop mode (in clip view the yellow "Loop" button must be active)

5) Double-click the (still-empty) Session Clip, deactivate the "Fold" view and draw some notes at C3 (VERY IMPORTANT).

6) Open the MIDI Mapping Browser (Ctrl-M), click the session clip and assign to this clip the following MIDI note range mapping (use your MIDI keyboard for this mapping process) :
C3:G3:C4 (VERY IMPORTANT). So the root note is G3.

7) Now the MIDI key A3 (VERY IMPORTANT) is supposed to trigger in the Impulse's slot 2 a snare hit repeatedly.

8) Activate Global Record by clicking it.

9) Create a short recording EXCLUSIVELY by pressing your A3 key on the keyboard controller a few times. After deactivating Global Record there must now be the note D3 in the Arrangement.

10) Play back the Arrangement. BTA Button (Back To Arr.) MUST NOT be lit ! If it appears red, click on it to disengage it.

At this point the second Impulse slot should be playing (due to the note D3 in the arrangement).
But on my DAW the THIRD slot plays. This behavior continues even after deleting the MIDI note range mapping !

This issue makes a rational usage of this well-intentioned MIDI Note Range Mapping impossible.

Please all Abletonians, confirm this issue, if possible, on your DAW's.
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