Accessing Plugin Paramaters via multiple tracks?

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Accessing Plugin Paramaters via multiple tracks?

Post by kcinsu » Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:46 pm

For example:

On track 1, I have an instance of Analog open. If I made clips on that track, in the clip envelop section, I can see all of Analog's parameters, and make modulations for them.

Now, what if i want to have another track in my session, control only, lets say filter modulations. So track 2, would just be "analog filter mod". Is there a way to access, via track 2 (a MIDI track) all of track 1's (analog) plugin parameters? If you set MIDI out to track 1, analog, you can send note values, but in the envelope section of the clip, the only available parameters are standard MIDI. Is there a way to set up live, so that a new MIDI track access all the plugin parameters of another track?

Or am I going to have to dive into M4L and build my own work around for this?

Thank you!

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Re: Accessing Plugin Paramaters via multiple tracks?

Post by jok » Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:06 pm

Hi Kcinsu,

you can do that with dummy clips (make a little forum search for "Dummmy Clips"), no need to use Max for Live.

In a nutshell:

- you need a virtual midi patchcable, either the free Midi Yoke on a PC ( ... /myoke.htm ) or the IAC driver on a Mac (already built into the OS, you just need to enable the bus in Audio/Midi Setup)

- the idea is that you pick a Midi CC (or a Midi Note) in a clip on the 2nd, empty Midi track and map it to the device parameter (eg. an Analog parameter you want to control), you can then control the mapped parameter by drawing an envelope with the mapped CC so:

- first you need to setup the virtual midi bus (Midi Yoke/IAC) in Live´s Midi/Sync preferences like this:

Midi Yoke / IAC Input: track: off, sync off, remote: ON
Midi Yoke / IAC Output: track: ON, sync: off, remote: off

- in the empty MIDI track´s IO section, select Midi Yoke/ the IAC bus in the "Midi to" section
- map a CC/note like this: draw an envelope or note, start the clip (the cc/note will be contentiously sent to the virtual bus)
- activate Midi mapping and click the parameter of Analog you want to map - it will be assigned to the CC/note
- exit Midi mapping mode
- draw the precise modulation for the mapped CC into the empty Midi clip so it´s controlling the parameter as you like

Repeat these steps if you want to assign more parameters to other CCs/notes

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