M box2 V's Fast track pro

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Undercover Soul
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M box2 V's Fast track pro

Post by Undercover Soul » Thu Mar 11, 2010 2:54 pm

I have both which one is going to be my best buddy?

I have been using fast track pro fpr a while and it seems ok. I have been sent an MBox 2 from another producer which one is likely to be better?

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Re: M box2 V's Fast track pro

Post by RobPaper » Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:47 pm

mbox 2 is designed to work with protools. on a pc you cant use it with any other apps. on a mac, you can use the digidesign core audio driver for output to your speakers. as far as I know, you need to be a registered user (owner) of a digidesign interface or the protools 8 upgrade just to be able to login and download protools 8 LE with the latest digidesign coreaudio manager. or the guy who gave you the mbox can download it for you. only one app can use coreaudio manager at a time. you must

1) close all apps that use sound, safari, itunes, ableton, etc..
2) open coreaudio manager
3) open the app that will use the mbox as output
4) select digidesign coreaudio driver from within the preferences of the app.
4.5) if you dont get any sound try closing core audio man, wait 10 sec, open core audio manager.

note: I have not gotten core audio to work in snow leopard 10.6 using protools le 8.0.3pr (snow leopard hotfix)

I think they are up to protools le 8.0.4 for snow but I haven't tried it. you can also use ableton as a rewire slave in protools to have access to all the ins and outs of the interface.

BTW, I'm a protools dealer. hit me up if your in CT.