Live8 crashes when opening 1 set, another is unable to save

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Live8 crashes when opening 1 set, another is unable to save

Post by breaks365 » Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:57 pm

I upgraded from 7 to 8.1 two weeks ago on my 2.33ghz MacbookPro/3g ram/Leopard, and have not been able to open one of my sets (tried multiple ways of accessing it), as it will crash if opened in any manner, with Live closing completely. I've had this happen with two other sets over the years in Live 7, but this one happened from the upgrade- I used it the day before upgrading, and it was one of the first sets I tried to open after the Live8 upgrade had installed. I use no VST's or other software, and the only plugin I have is the Apple AU that I believe came with the computer? (i just noticed them in the previously unused plugin box inside ableton a few months ago). The corrupted set contained some live audio, drum samples, midi envelopes for external gear, Operator synth and Ableton effects, and Apple AU Reverb. 20-25% CPU load.

The newest issue that prompted me to post is an old set that I've worked on the last week, basically just reworking an old beat from a defunct project, replacing impulse&operator drums with samples; no plugins, external synths or anything, just various audio samples and a few instances of operator, simpler and impulse- I've never seen or used Tension. Now as I open it today, immediately Im greeted with a box that says:
*This set contains features that are limited or unavailable in Live 8.
*Details: The Tension Instrument in not available. You can use this set but will not be able to save changes to it." ----- I don't even have Tension... well teh damn instrument anyway/! argh!

If I click to continue, the set opens and at the bottom left corner is a red bar reading "Saving and exporting has been deactivated, Why". Click 'Why' and the preferences pop up with an orange box in the middle that says:
Authorized on this computer-------------
Live Version - Live 8
Software Instruments - Operator
Sampled Instruments - Essential Instruments Collection

That part above looks normal - I just have the regular Live 8, and I had Operator already in 7. Directly below is a big orange box that says: (this is the abnormal part obviously)
*You are currently running in demo mode, so saving and exporting are deactivated.
*Restart live to leave the demo and re-activate saving and exporting."
*Learn more about limitations in this lesson

Then under that it also looks normal:
Add authorizations:---------------------
-Authorize this computer online (Authorize at
-Authorize via another computer with an internet connection (Show instructions)

Restarting does nothing, and I'm able to close the set and open other sets just fine, work on the as normal and save without issue.. then open this troubled-set and am greeted with the same warnings each time. When I installed the upgrade, I just followed the prompts after buying and downloading from the Ableton site. When I authorized it said everything had installed correctly, including Operator/Tension/Sampler/etc, though I only have Operator (I figure the others are 'installed' and waiting to be authorized/purchased if anything, correct?). I actually clicked the 'Authorize this computer' link again a week ago- I noticed it when going through the menu, and thought that maybe I hadn't yet finished authorizing the computer.. Ultimately I think I just authorized it twice and the link is for buying&authorizing new ableton instruments. Anyway, figured I should mention that as well.

I have everything backed up externally from pre-Live8 installation, and am now making a new folder in my internal harddrive of copies of all the Live sets im working on under different names in hopes that it will save any future issues. When first working on Live sets in 8, I followed the prompts about saving under a new directory/name due to the new file format. I have backups of the corrupted set and all the rest on an external harddrive, am would like to work on them, but am reluctant to open anything new or expose my backups at this point given my rate of failure. If anyone has any info or thoughts, Im all ears, thanks.

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Re: Live8 crashes when opening 1 set, another is unable to save

Post by Yeh » Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:24 pm

Did you get any response on this. I'm having the same problems. Upgraded from 7 to 8. I'm unable to save a set from a musical partner.

"This Set contains features that are limited or unavailable in Live 8.

The Corpus effect is not available.

You can use this Live Set but you will not be able to save any changes made to it.

Close this Set/ Continue "

I'm using Live 8.2.1

I don't have the Chorpus effect, but this wasn't a problem with other missing VST/effects. Then I still could save the set.
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Re: Live8 crashes when opening 1 set, another is unable to save

Post by twoohfour » Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:12 pm

having this problem... except with "Cabinet effect" ... very irritating... my templates no longer work. did anybody else solve this problem?

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Re: Live8 crashes when opening 1 set, another is unable to save

Post by memes_33 » Mon Aug 08, 2011 11:25 pm

have any of you contacted ableton? i had a similar problem where a project got corrupted and said it couldn't open a savable version because i didn't have Analog (which i never had in the first place). the abes checked it out and, realizing that they could do nothing to salvage the project i had worked on and that i was unable to use this project for an upcoming gig, they gave me analog.
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